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More than storage external HDD

I was just wondering. I have an external HDD I use to store my anime and stuff.

Is it possible for me to use it to install programs in, in place of my C drive? Would I be able to install into it in the first place, and if I could get it installed, would I be able to run the game when I have the external connected to my computer?

I won't have it with me again till the end of this year, so I want to know if it's possible before I get my hopes up to try.

Any answer would be appreciated, thank you~
For external to install programs to, you need an e-SATA drive. Smile
This can be attached to you motherboard with a normal Sata drive port, but it is an external, and goes op to 7200 rpm Smile
You don't need an e-Serial-ATA drive for that to work (although it is much faster and far more ideal). Windows does not like to install to USB external drives, though you should be able to copy/move an installed partition FROM an internal drive that was installed in THAT computer using a program such as GParted. If I'm not mistaken most USB external harddrives use FAT32 partitions while XP prefers NTFS (and users will files that are over 4GB). Wait a minute, did you mean just install the games and/or programs to the external drive and not actually boot from it? If that's the case I don't see why you could not (so long as you do not think that you can move the install from computer to computer; you would run into registry issues and possibly license issues). I'd also like to point out that the "lag" experienced from a slow RPM harddrive or external over USB will result in slow loading times/screens for games, but it should not affect actual gameplay.
What myrevolt says. I install programs on an external USB drive a lot. Mostly programs I use from time to time, but not very often.
I Ain't into USB Smile
They should make everything FireWire now -> Faster + More Secure Smile
Gushe wrote:
I Ain't into USB Smile
They should make everything FireWire now -> Faster + More Secure Smile

ok, my USB 2.0 works fine with programs & working faster than my laptop's HD If i want to I can install a whole OS on my external
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