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What works, what doesn't?

I'm working with a client who has a laundry list of things he wants added to his web site: a blog, an ezine, a discussion forum. He wants to write eBooks. He wants to have an e-Course. (and yes, he can afford them, that's not the issue)

He would like me to research these things and determine which ones are proving to be profitable....and he wants to see the research. I'm scratching my head and pulling out my hair trying to find articles that say anything like, "there has been a 500% growth in ezine use," or "so-and-so reports XX% increase in passive income through his e-course."

It all seems to be anecdotal - write an ebook and make a gajillion dollars! That kind of hype.

Does anyone know of reliable sources of good solid FACTS about what's really working, what's not, what's making people money? Any sort of magazine, forum, journal, etc.?

If so, I'd be eternally grateful!

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These statistics depend on your intended audience. What works for one group may not work for another. Web design isn't a science; it's a business. I couldn't find any information on the web (but I didn't look very far or hard).

If you can't find real stats, make them up. It shouldn't be that hard to put up a fairly professional website with the stats YOU want. 95% of statistics are fabricated anyways. Wink
Try academic journal articles. There's plenty of study out there on internet medium and all affiliated technology. Also, try magazine websites like PC World, PC Magazine, etc. You might be able to search for article archives by keywords. Even if they don't have cold, hard stats, they'd be able to give you a good impression of how things are going in the industry.
Like Loryl said, I think it largely depends on who the eBooks, and eClasses are targeted towards. I mean if your client wrote eBook on say neo-luddism, or eCookbooks I don't think there would be much market, same holds true about the eClasses. There are those topics that people are interested in and would be willing to do online, but just as well I am sure there are those they don't. If I'd look anywhere it would be in academic journals as Aless said. I just searched internet business in an academic journal search and came up with 885 entries, I am sure you can find some interesting stuff there. But I don't know if the straight forward stats your looking for even exist.
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