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Thoughts on Joe Torre being fired

Was interested in other peoples thoughts on whther or not Joe Torre should be fired....And if so who should he be replaced by....

My thoughts.....Yes he should be, its been a long and prosperous run. the time has come to let him go.

Replacement: hearing rumblings of Tony Larussa and in my opinion would be a great fit for the team.

Mattingly? no, Girardi? no, Bobby Valentine? definately not.....
I think he should stay. Hes a class act and a great manager. The players haven't played great the last few postseasons but when Jeter, captain clutch basically, grounds into more double plays than he gets hits, you know the Yankees aren't firing on all cylinders, which isn't Torre's fault.

The other reason and perhaps most important is the players love him. There are some very good players who are pending free agents that who the manager is will affect their decision and possibly will be the sole reason for their decision one way or another.

Mariano Rivera: He is still a great closer and while not the closer he used to be, he was still a rock in the postseason this year. He said the decision about Torre will affect his decision on where to sign.

Andy Pettitte: He had another great postseason appearance and gave the Yankees the lead in a game I think they would have won had there not been any insects (although it affected both teams). He had a good year although not his best and has a player option for next year. He is a very valuable pitcher and especially with Wang's strength (or lack there-of) in the postseason, the Yankees still need a good veteran pitcher along with their young promising arms.

Alex Rodriguez: He may not have had a great october but he is improving in the postseason and had a .353 OBP which is good. I think he'll be back only if Torre is back. Theres also the slight matter of without him, we wouldn't be talking about how A-Rod had a back postseason. We would be talking about how the Yankees didn't even play in October.

Jorge Posada: .338 batting average at catcher. That says enough. He also loves Joe Torre as a manager.

Roger Clemens: Yankees shouldn't want him anyways. He should retire I think. Hes an amazing pitcher but 45 years old.

I don't think the Yankees should have signed him this year but a major reason they were able to was because he liked playing for Torre. Torre makes the Yankees a place players want to play which makes them able to sign great players. If Joe gets fired, players might not want to play for the Yankees which would be the worst thing that could ever happen to them.
I don't care, as long as the Yankees make the worst decision! Very Happy

I love hearing all the talk about ARod not coming through and hitting meaningless homeruns. I hope the fans and media force him to opt out this year so that the Yankees can have a worse team and "Choke-Rod" or whatever hyphenated rod name you make up will go to the Dodgers.

Pipe dream, I know, but if the Dodgers aren't going to commit to their current best option at 3rd (LaRoche) and bench Nomar, then I'd rather they go out and get ARod to play third making the prior question moot.

Just my thoughts...
Yeah but don't forget he is a shortstop originally, don't know who you got at short but he would be an upgrade I bet....
I don't know about a replacement, it really depends on what's the roster for the next season.

As far I agree to his firing or not, I do agree. They really need to do some fixing with their roster and a new manager is the beginning of it all.
There several names being put out there as a replacement. Frankly I am not impressed with any of them....

Girardi.....Seems like his demeanor is not suited to this team. Plus he only just got done playing. Don't know how the veterans would handle things with him being manager...

Mattingly...I just don't think he is ready yet. He was a hitting coach for 3 years and a bench coach for 1....Don't get me wrong I love the guy but I can't see him being ready.....

Pena? nope

Valentine? ... Don't think his antics would go over big in the clubhouse, plus he said he already has a great job..

Anyone have any other interesting candidates?
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