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Small suggestion about the max length of a blog

Could it be possible to increase the maximum length of a blog from 8000 to some more, like 12000 or something?
Yeah, sure. Maybe even more, if you think that might be needed by some people?
I am writing a tutorial, and I would like to put it on my blog. It has several parts, but when I tried to post the first part I found out it exceeded the maximum number of characters. When I have to cut it into smaller parts I kind of break the structure. So before changing it, I thought I better ask if the maximum could be increased. Smile

Needing it would be an overstatement, but if you could increase the maximum, you would make me very happy. Very Happy

But I have no idea whether there are more people who would like to post large articles. Maybe I am the only one, in which case it might be better to leave it at the current size of 8000 characters.
Unless it is of some SQL concern, why not just boost it to a tremendous 100.000 or something thereabouts?

Thats certainly what I do when making apps - give the user as much freedom as possible - if someone wants to spend 5 hours writing some massive essay on the cultural significance of cupcakes...then I would encourage that!
Any news on this subject? Wink
I'm new to Frihost and I've never kept a blog. In fact I just downloaded WordPress last night. (haven't installed it yet).

I don't know about any one else but I do tend to ramble on a bit, get side tracked, make techically unnecessary comments and extra notes, and just put down random idle thoughts. So I guess I would be one who might benefit from a larger blog size. I recently had a big problem with a 2000 character size limit on a message I needed to send. It was impossible to make my point with that little amount of space.

Speaking about the member who wanted to post a tutorial, I for one would like to see something like that NOT split into too many parts. When I find such a tutorial online, and want to make a copy of it, I will find a way to put the pieces back together so that they are in fewer parts.

Just my humble opinion as a newbie,
this is about the frihost blog. If you make your own blog in wordpress there is no problem.
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