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I saw an interview with bondings a while back on some website of a former forum member,i thought perhaps this idea could be used on here,whereby one of the moderators interview some of the forum members,nothing personal,just website stuff,asking about things like how they came across frihost,their experiences with other hosts,their plans for their websites,that kind of thing.
looks like a real good idea to me. Maybe even worth mentioning on the front page once it's made. New users can find out what kind of users frihost has. It could be a special page but it could also be a forum thread. Maybe locked so only >mods can post the interviews there, but it would also be nice to get comments on the interviews by normal members.
I don't really think it's such a good idea, and that is mainly because the vast majority of people here don't have many unique things to say.

Half the people here do coding, half are freeloaders who make people do their sites and quit rather quickly, and not many people can claim to do much more then anyone else, for the most part, me included.

Really, if it's only about websites then it will be painfully boring, doubly so if the interviewer always asks the same questions, what will be more interesting is if they look over said members posts and root out their opinions, and then ask them about them.

It goes without saying that only members who make interesting posts will be worthwhile interviewees, but Frihost has quite a lot of people like that, if we can elect people, I would like to know more about ninjakannon who always makes cool posts.

We need a good interviewer. We need good members to be interviewed. We need good subjects, not just website creation, or it will get very boring. We need good questions to be asked.

I didnt mean to restrict the content of the interviews,i was just putting ideas about what could maybe be discussed,of course if the interviewer does his/her research they could branch out into other areas,other than what we all have in common ie: websites.
i think its a great idea.
It'll give many members a chance to express themselves and talk about things that aren't to "deep." I also think it would be a good idea to maybe run a competition every week/month to decide who get to be interviewed. Maybe also run a comp to see what the questions are.
It'd be quite fun and interactive!!!
I don't think a competition would be such a good idea. Better to just let some mod/admin start it and post about it in one topic. Everyone can post suggestions in this topic and some other user can be chosen to ask the new questions. Maybe we could have 2 threads, one for the interviews and one for the discussion.
reddishblue wrote:
I would like to know more about ninjakannon who always makes cool posts.

Wow, I'm honoured! And it's a good job I found this thread. Wink

Unfortunately, I've been so busy recently that I haven't been posting here much at all! (It's my first term at college and I'm still getting used to the additional workload... I still have 7 pieces of homework to do as we speak. I don't even turn my computer on when I get home now *sighs*).

Anyway... I should be saying something relevant about this suggestion I suppose.

Firstly, I'd be happy to give an interview. [note to the Interviewer: just PM me and I'll make some time.] But reddish is right, if the dialogue is all surrounding the context of webhosting it could be a pretty boring read. Also, I'm not up for sycophantic prate either - we don't want to go down the line of those websites that shove a load of users quotes in your face to sell their product / website to you. The interviews would have to be more chatty and, while advertising FriHost, would need to do so less obviously.

I'm not against cutting down on them either, slicing out any unnecessary stuff as long interviews could be tiresome for some people to read.

Hmm... reddish stole all the good other good points, all of which I agree with. Cool
I think we should ask things about what everyone does while not on the pc. I know there are some painters, musicians and probably more people with something to do besides making a website.
I nominate rvec to be interviewer and reddishblue to be the first interviewee.
Very Happy *Rvec waits for others to send him questions to ask*
rvec wrote:
I think we should ask things about what everyone does while not on the pc. I know there are some painters, musicians and probably more people with something to do besides making a website.

This just took me off the interviewee spot Laughing

If you limit it to other than creating websites (and I honestly wouldn't have much to say on that subject hehe) you could end up with more to talk about.

Many people do all the work on their PC's (I know I do...) and are left with one hobbie or family or similar. that wouldn't add much to the interview (of course it could/should be handled but there wouldn't be much to talk about that would interest others)

Be Well Cool
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