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Soul Knights RPG

Hey everyone, this is my game website description ! Cool

Soul Knights RPG is a full real-time massive action role-playing game that takes you to Askarium, a dark world filled with creatures and challenges. A world that has been completely corrupted and cursed with evil magic and chaos by the powers of Drennum, the darkness lord...

Travel through Swamps, Mountains, Deserts, Dungeons, Snowlands gaining experience by slaying monsters and increasing your attributes the way you want !!

Choose one of the six classes and begin your Askarium journey NOW !!

- Gladiator
- Guardian
- Vampire
- Warlock
- Wizard
- Battlemage

Learn how to increase your Blood/Power essences and become an ultimate warrior! Talk to NPC's and learn how to develop yourself to achieve maximum power !

Some of the game features
:: Real-time battles ::

:: Character's Development limited only by your imagination ::

:: Tons of monsters and bosses ::

:: Endurance Quests and Challenges ::

:: Learn Ultimate Skills and become a legend ! ::

:: Six knight classes with unique abilities and powers ::

:: Amazing battle effects and animations !! ::

Official Website + Screenshots + Informations:

SK Forum:

Demo Version:

Lizard -2D Entertainment-
That is one HUGE banner on the page there. It shows off-center in Firefox, not sure if it is centered in IE or not. Looks like a cool little RPG though, I might have to give it a whirl tonight if I have time.
That is one awesome looking game put together in RPG maker. I have never been able to develop anything this completely in RPG Maker XP, this looks totally awesome. You also have some great graphic design skills.

That being said, the zen of web design is sparse use of graphics, and most graphics being very simplified to repeating elements. Most importantly avoiding using graphics to display text. In your case some of your images are 500k! This is way to large for a web page.

Plug site in here for more info:

I like the graphic design end, but I think it needs to be simplified for the web. Your layout if much more appropriate for a print or pdf. And please do fix the center content issue. google how firefox and mozilla differ in rendering CSS.
This game is based on Elysium Sources graphics. Not sure how he was able to create this game. I tried, and didn't get this much luck.

Though, paying for the premium game is a waste of money, and I doubt anybody will buy it. (No offense)

Good game though..
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