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Giving it a try

So I have decided to turn one of my domains into a little webdesign sidekick for me...lil mom and pop shops, ya know - Im just starting out and would like your opinion on the it easy to navigate? Or too bland to keep you interested?
Thoughts and suggestions!
It's good!! The menu is pretty cool, moving on Left or Right is a nice idea.

The colour scheme could be darker perhaps? For example, using darker colours on a white background will make it easier to read. It is a nice design and has useful info.
I really like the menu, clean and creative Smile Perhaps the logo a little more prominent? It seems to get lost in the content there. Keep it up though Smile
Thank you for your responses...If you dont mind what browsers (versions ) are you using? On my end firefox, IE7 and Opera appear to show the site correctly - however in IE6 it appears while navigating the content is pushed slight right?
Im not sure if it should really be a concern - but I would like to stay away from the "best viewed in firefox" type quote...ya know Wink

I agree the logo should be more prominent as it does get a little lost in the content
is it there now? why I can not browse your website?
Nice Web2.0 Wink For some reason, I can't move the menu in right. It just goes away from left.
Nice site overall Smile

The only things I'm noticing is perhaps a little more spacing in some of your content. Especially on the Getting Started page, the header's for each block of content seem crunched together.

Also, it is very hard to see the FAQ, Contact Us, and Services buttons hiding under the main navigation, as that white is too close to the gray color of the background.

One last thing I would maybe look at is the color of your logo text. The green is just kind of .. there. Doesn't really complement much else on the site. But, it doesn't look bad by any means, just maybe something to experiment with Smile

Keep up the great work Wink
Thanks for all the input! I really am not liking the static menu pages and its difficult to understand Joomla's creating a Section/Category tutorial - so Im looking at maybe a mod that would give me the ability to create menu trees, submenus, drop downs, etc...
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