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Comments please!

Hi there.
I´m developing a little flash application to use as my desktop wallpaper (you know, you can put entire html files as desktop wallpapers).
I just need your comments and suggestions about it.
Here it is:
just try dragging the folders around.. I find it quite funny.
Yeah, that looks amazing.
The reflection is also quite nice!
Now you have to add more functions.
But all in all it's very nice!
ok, thanks!
I have just 3 questions:
is it possible to automatically load the icons from C:/DocsAndSettings/User/Desktop and include them as movie clips.? how?
is it possible to detect double click in flash? how?
is it possible to open a folder (in windows folder explorer) from flash? (I want to click on one of the icons and I want the flash to open that folder in windows. I can only open it in a browser with getURL..)

Wow really nice. 3D effects for real existing folder will give new appearence to windows. I think it is possible.
I realy like it! It's very original idea how to wipe out all those unused folders. Just move them back Cool Very cool realisation. I hope to see it integrated into windows some day.
Third question: can't you just give the full link to the folder? Like C:\Windows or something...
{name here}
Active desktop is a feature you should avoid using. It causes hangs and other such things.

It looks really great and it must have taken time to make, but it's just something that seems like it wouldn't be very convenient and would even be a hinderence. I like a 2-d workspace, but that's my opinion.

How do you add folders? It might be useful to add a button and have it read and write to a text file.
Hi guys, glad you liked it..

Integration is still my problem. If I give getURL the parameter C:/ or something, it opens the folder, but in my webbrowser! (Something like: Index of c:, and a list of files and folders in html).
I still dont know how to:
- read the folders that are on the desktop
- execute a command (shortcut or windows folder) from flash.
Any help would be appreciated,
oh savage, that is really cool, has a sorta vista feel 2 it. Nice work
Wow this looks amazing. I wish we were allowed to place the folders on top of the mountains. That would be fun. Razz Nice job. Very Happy

PS: Can't help with the integration problems, though. Sad
glad you liked it anyway..
I like open source so if anyonne wants the origin al fla file just ask for it here...
thanks for commenting!,
That was really cool! Hope we get to see more, when you get further on your desktop-project!
Wow, nice one..
Its strange not to be able to move the folders over the sky,
but the effect it just great!
Hope it where that easy changing things in windows... Im getting really tired of the Bill gat-ish user interface Very Happy Very Happy

Continue working!
ok, thanks for commenting. Very Happy
one day we will be able to design our own Operating systems and get them to work as the user wants..
Good luck playing around with folders!
thats really nice i never knew you could put a whole html doc as your wallpaper!

nice work, i dont have a cluw how to help you though im afraid

well done though:)
Well. This is just too good...Integrating it with Windows is a bit difficult. But there is a software called Windows Blind. and If you wish to make a separate application i.e. something like windows explorer then I just instead of giving direct link you should give a link back to your application or something similar. I am not that good as flash or else I could have helped.
hey, thanks for your encouraging comments!
when I have some more time I'll try to enhance it a little.. Just to see if something useful comes out of this.
Bytheway, sambhav, very nice gallery!
really very nice and wonderful to see congrulation for your good work keep it up
hey, thanks..
there´s more coming soon
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