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Relaxing music??

I want (need) to know some songs to listen to when I need to calm myself down a little bit!
I have been sooo hyper recently and cant study even if I try!

But the thing is, I cant handle those nature background sounds that some people recommended.. (those forests sounds, running water sounds and what not..)

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone recommended me a few songs to calm myself down from time to time.

Try these:
--> Enigma
--> The Cinematic Orchestra
--> Vangelis

Maybe you like Wink
Otherwise try to find some chill out (; De-Phazz; Jazzanova,...).

Good Luck Exclamation

You could try some Jose Gonzalez allways chills me out
I allways listen to the World of Warcraft soundtrack to chill me out.
Nice ambiental music there.
I usually pick something (generally) softer and slower.

Usually that means music along the lines of Pink Floyd or Mike Oldfield, or for some newer music Porcupine Tree or The Tangent.

But it largely depends on what you can stand. I can study fine with many different styles of music on, as long as I like it and I don't turn the volume too high.
redneck by lamb of god! that is the most relaxing song ever Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
to me anyways...
Power metal Razz

Nahh man I wouldn't advise you to listen to music. If you're hyper there's a reason. Stop drinking coffee, or just go out and exercise, then you'll be tired. Just let the steam out, or work out with music. Just listening to music won't really help, it's all in the mind.
Given the great reds that I have tasted from Chile, my suggestion is the pop of a cork being pulled.. Very Happy
Seriously, Prelude To the Afternoon Of A Faun, by Claude Debussy, has been known to calm down even a Jahhova's Witness on Steroids.
If you have eMule, Limewire or something similar, do a search for it, download it, then lie back and just listen.
Works every time....
Michael Buble has a pretty relaxing voice ... you just have to pick a slow song, though. The Frank Sinatra remakes he has are pretty good for a feel good relaxation.
I love the group Rondo Veneziano. They are kind of classical. Sort of. My favorite album is Veneziano 2000. They always relax me. Not that I need that right now. I'm falling asleep at work!

I also like Michael Buble and Chris Biotti.

Anyway, good luck on the calming thing.
The Mitchell
sigur ros
explosions in the sky
mogwai have some nice chilled stuff
jose gonzalez
four tet

wht kind of stuf you looking for electronica stuff or more natural sounds and when you say chilled do you mean easy listening or ambient.
Hi Guelila!

The best way to relax yourself it's by listening to an online ambient radio like Stillstream or Sleepbot.

Or you can try some ambient artists like: Stephen Philips, Robert Rich, Sundummy (I recommend "Spanish Moss" Wink), Steve Roach and even Biosphere (excellent sets on his website).
Nick Warren - This Love. Always make me relaxing
Best chilled out album to listen to is

secret garden album.. all their music is sooo relaxing and calm.. some can be depressing but a good one.. i dunno if that makes ne sense lol? listen to "songs from the secret garden". It's nice!
I think amish paradise is very relaxing song Very Happy
Try Netwon Faulkner. His album "Handbuilt By Robots" is nice and relaxing and always calms me down.
Loreena McKennit,she is the best

You can find information from her in

Elemental (1985)
To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1987)
Parallel Dreams (1989)
The Visit (1991)
The Mask and Mirror (1994) US #143
The Book of Secrets (1997) US #17
Live in Paris and Toronto (1999)
An Ancient Muse (2006) US #83
Nights from the Alhambra (2007)

Shorter recordings
A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season (1995)
Live in San Francisco (1995)
Words and Music (1997)

"The Lady of Shalott" (1991)
"All Souls Night" (1991)
"The Bonny Swans" (1995)
"The Mummers' Dance" (1997) #18 US HOT 100
"Marco Polo" (1998)
"Caravanserai" (2006)

The Mummers' Dance (1997)
The Bonny Swans
Loreena McKennitt: Nights from the Alhambra (2007, Live concert premiered on PBS)[3]

No Journey’s End (half-hour profile, aired on PBS; DVD)
Heaven On Earth (TV Movie 1987 - played "Lady Traveler")
I can recommend some beautiful relaxing songs:

Moby - God Moving Over the Faces of the Troubled Water
Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings

Great songs.

I also agree that Newton Faulkner's album is superb, so many good songs for a debut album.
Try Ludovico Einaudi
If you like piano music then he's the man to listen to and its really relaxing.
Also try the Final Fantasy 7 piano collections- aeris theme. Its so relaxing.
Without a doubt, Enya is my relaxing music.
Jakob [JaWGames]
The album "Celtic Circle" have great soothing music which I uses alot, especially the song "Circle of Joy" is great. Another interesting band is Era. I do only have one album with them (my mother do only have one album with them Rolling Eyes) but it is great soothing music. Check it out! Smile
I don't have many ideas for relax musics u_u
But when I'm much stressed I put in my MP3 any music with a good word, with positivity sentences. It's better of any other.

My english is bad, because i don't write by much time.
Guelila wrote:

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone recommended me a few songs to calm myself down from time to time.

Ha! Beat everyone to it.

Zero 7 - Simple Things

Zero 7 - When It Falls

There are tons of artists out there with relaxed, toned-down, chilled sounds- but what really comes to my mind when talking about such artists is ZERO 7. They are what I would like to call my "Sanctuary of Peace" band. Makes even the busiest mall move in slow motion. Those albums are their best work to date, in my opinion. I highly suggest picking up Simple Things first.

If I were to describe their sound, I'd say chilled-out jazz (with a small pinch of electronica).

Here's a video to wet your appetite:


Yeah, you can tell I really like this band.
I listen to Jung Jae Hyung which is basically a collection of instrumentals he composed.....I guess it would be jazz but it has a French feel.

Also check out the Haibane renmei which is also just a bunch of compositions.
I think songs by Kenny G will most likely to relax someone when he's tired or upset with something. It's really some kind of enjoyment to lying in a sofa listening to Kenng G's play.
Hi there,

For me, nothing works better than a belly dance chill out vibes or something in this field. I also have a cd with sound of nature which is called "Musique pour les plant verte" (I'm sorry if my French is a bit rusty and i wrote a inexistent word) which basically is music to plant. I always end up sleeping when i hear this one so, probably it's not what you are looking for but since your situation looks a bit extreme...

Stay Cool !!
I suggest you Pedra Branca. It's a brazillian chillout band who mix indian, african and brazillian rhythms.
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