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When a Stranger Calls

What a boring movie. I must admit that I just watched the half of it. You could take 5 minutes of that film, and those 5 minutes were repeated after the first 20 minutes, over and over again, until the film had lasted for 60 minutes. Then I left. The ones behind told me afterwards that I didn't miss anything good... Can't they make good "horror" movies anymore?

It was practically like Scream right? I haven't saw it, but I didn't want too... because they can't make good horror movies anymore. I think it's because kids want to see the movies and so they have to make them PG-13... they do that so they can in turn make more money.

I don't care for them kind of movies, I like Saw though! I can't wait til it comes out Laughing
On its own terms, there's nothing inherently wrong with this album (though I defy anyone to say they can truly sit and enjoy it for an hour) and I cannot see how it could be anything less than perfect in the film (which of course is exactly what Dooley was trying to achieve) - but if you've already got The Grudge (yes, even Christopher Young succumbed to the formula for that one) and The Ring and so on, it's hard to see what more you can bring to your life with this. Dooley has shown some talent and this album is not entirely without interesting music (I must admit that "Hunting Jill" is impressive) so let's hope a composer with his own voice can emerge, but it was always unlikely to happen in When A Stranger Calls, a score which doesn't distinguish itself in any real way against the legions of other, similar works of the last few years.
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