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Fishes fish...

I was just thinking to get a fish and an aquarium for my past time...I love fishes and I love to feed them up...Is anyone in here a hobbyist of fish..Any good suggestion on taking good care and related topics about fish..I would be glad to hear them out.. And oh..I love goldfish so much..They say they are some kinds of gold fish...
I really want bubble-eyed fishes...
I've always had the best luck with my sharks. I've got fish to go with 'em that they get along with, but aside from the old plecostomus that's older than the shark, none last so long as him. They're easy to care for and very hardy.

Odd though, my shark seems to be a vegetarian (he made friends with my family of shrimp) and my plattie is the one that loves meat (which is handy since I've yet to have to remove a dead fish from the tank). LOL

This does reduce your options for the sort of fish you can get in the tank with them, but places like Zamzows (and even Walmart oddly enough) have labels on the tanks to denote temperaments of fish and which ones get along best.
I worked with aquariums for some years. Fish are easy pets to keep if you have a good start. The beggining of an aquarium is what determines if it will be easy to keep or if it will be a water-box with troubles.

To begin with fish, plant and every thing about aquariums, I suggest
It's a very good web site with a lot of informations and a very good forum too.

If you want to see beautiful aquariums, I only know one site, about aquatic gardens:

It is AGA (Aquatic Gardeners Association) web site. They make a contest every year with really awsome aquariums. You can check this year contest and other years too by clicking on Aquascaping Contest.

Hope it helps you, any doubt, just ask.
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