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Is my dentist allowed to do this?

I had an appt yesterday to replace a filling which had broken in a lower molar. After my dentist had filled it she did the usual of asking me to "bite down" to make sure my teeth were correctly aligned, but when I did this the new filling she had just put in broke!!! She said I had a hard bite and that I had no doubt broken my previous filling because of it!!!!

She re-did the filling, and also drilled what I assumed was some of the filling material from the upper corresponding molar that had connected with the filled tooth, and when she asked me to bite down again all was fine!

It wasn't until yesterday evening, once the anaesthetic had worn off, that I realised my upper tooth felt different. It felt flatter than usual. Later that evening I ate some ice cream and I had an almighty pain soar right through my upper tooth, right down to the root in my jaw. I'd never ever previously suffered any pain in that tooth.

On checking the tooth I notice she has completely removed the inner pointy bits of my upper molar, which has now left my tooth very raw and painful, especially when eating/drinking hot/cold stuff!

She never asked if she could do this, or even explained what she had done, and if she had I would never have agreed to it, so to find out she has done possible irreparable damage to my tooth makes me feel very angry indeed

Did she act inappropriately by doing this???
Yup. Mom's a dentist's assistant, and according to her they have to ask before doing anything that might leave you harmed in any way, as well as giving you a running update on what they do. Than again, this is Scandinavia...
There's gotta be some rule against that. Don't you have to sign papers authorizing any procedures before they can be done?
Well she had to remove the remaining filling that was connected to your top molar, and in doing so she had to remove a bit of the surface of your top molar. There was probably no other way to remove it. She probably only removed a bit of the enamel which is why it feels sensitive. I had some of my teeth filed down after I got my braces removed to make everything look nice and straight. My teeth were also sensitive for a while, but the enamel grows back. I woudln't worry about it.
I don't think she's allowed to do that. The dentists should ask first before doing anything
As a dentist its not ethical to harm, damage , change the natural structure as much as possible., Although a dentist can change the structure if its very important but one needs permission from the patient before touching adjacent healthy structure.,
Most of the time we make changes in restoration itself but avoid the healthy tooth structure., hence its called Conservative dentistry( the dentist you visited).
I am sorry that this has to happen to you! This is why I do not trust surgeries except the kinds used for emergencies. I'd rather live with a partially chipped tooth than to have it refilled - even if it means I look uglier, but that's just me.

My mum had ALL of her good teeth removed (she was sick of the old silver amalgams). Lived with being toothless for several months while her levelled gums healed. Then only did she get her dentures in. And even so, sometimes you can see the teeth moving and people know she's wearing dentures.

I know now they have teeth fillings that duplicate your real teeth very closely that you can't tell it's a false tooth or not. But then again, it all depends on how expert your dentist surgeon really is. His or her job is more difficult than getting bricks with exact dimensions to build a wall!
Mrs Lycos
driftingfe3s wrote:
My teeth were also sensitive for a while, but the enamel grows back. I woudln't worry about it.

No it doesn't.

wikipedia wrote:
Enamel is avascular and has no nerve supply within it and is not renewed, however, it is not a static tissue as it can undergo mineralization changes.

So it's something that can't grow back, which means that any change on it, or removal, is permanent, and can only be replaced with something artificial - which for what was taken off in this case, only the tips of a tooth, I don't think it could be replaced, as it's so small and pointy. And it would have made me angrier as I know there's a part of me that I will never have back.

It's so depressing and frustrating losing a tooth, or even part of it, so I completely understand your situation.
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