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Python tutorials

I want to learn web programming with Python. I know the basic of Python, but I don't know anything, about the web programming with Python. Where can I find some good tutorials?

I want to learn GUI programming in Python too. PyQT or PyGTK is the best?

Thank you: Drvanger
"Dive into Python" has some nice "wet your feet" stuff to get started. There is a free book that is widely regarded as a good one to get started with - "Dive Into Python".
It is also available as a package in Ubuntu (which I believe is installed by default when you install Python - which is also done by default I believe). If you do happen to be in Ubuntu, open up the help (yelp) and type in python - you should have no problem finding it from there. In there, there are also PyGTK tutorials.
Thank you very much Smile I will look the tutorials Smile
I recommend PyGTK, take a look at this tutorial
Thank you Smile I will try all tutorials, when I have time Smile
i usually use wxpython with boa ide, an ide completely written in python
ilich wrote:
i usually use wxpython with boa ide, an ide completely written in python

wxpython is definitely better than PyQt or PyGTK.

There isnt all that much too python cgi (apart from form management) that is any different from just regular python
GTK is probably the best, simply because it has better cross-platform support than Qt. HTH.
qscomputing wrote:
GTK is probably the best, simply because it has better cross-platform support than Qt. HTH.

The soon to be released Qt4 (out January I think) is intended to be fully cross platform. Which is a bit awesome because it means a lot of cool KDE apps like Amarok will now be available on Windows as well.
That's true, but GTK is probably best for cross-platform at the moment. That, and TK, which I believe is available in Python as something like 'Tkinter'. It looks a bit old-fashioned by default on Linux, but is fine on Windows.
yes i like this
Check this tutorial:
Regarding web programming with Python, I came across this tutorial some time back and found it again the other day - works nicely to show you Python CGI programming from the ground up... Very handy for FriHost... Its a very short tutorial, which can be done in a quite afternoon, but can be very beneficial IMHO...
I learnt with Dive into Python.
As far as GUIs, TkInter works fine for me, and also pygame for more graphical stuff..
PyGTK is the best. they have lots of tutorial and it is cross platform. QT is not really free.
toxictux wrote:
QT is not really free.

Yea, and this is kind of a deal breaker for me - especially in light of the wonderful windowing frameworks available in the FOSS world. QT looks nice and well designed, but it is a hard sale when the alternatives are so well supported and widely available...
python is an hard language.
i didn't like it
side wrote:
python is an hard language.
i didn't like it

Hmm... " Hard"? How many other languages have you used before? I think someone who has played with C or Java definitely would not consider Python "hard".... Come to think of it, I can't think of any language that would lead one to conclude Python as 'hard' from previous exposure...

I think it is widely accepted that python has a easy to follow syntax and is an extremely high-level language - some markers for measuring language complexity and difficulty... in the case of Python, markers that indicate that it is comparative an easy programming language... now as far as '...not liking it...', that's often personal preference... If you don't like a language, you are in luck, there are tons of them out there!

What language do you most prefer?
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