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Have you ever been robbed?

Have you ever been robbed?
Yes, once
 24%  [ 21 ]
Yes, more than once
 26%  [ 23 ]
No, never
 48%  [ 42 ]
Total Votes : 86

I have, this week: they stole my photo camera (analogue, Minolta from 1979), my mobile phone and 90 euros. I went hysterical! It was in a fitting room and I was still in it, but didn't notice.
Now I wonder how often this happens and if it happens to everyone...
Well, I never had a burglar at my house before steal something, but i entered "yes, once" because my first DS got stolen, so I had to lay down another 130 bucks for a Lite.
I get robbed every day, by the government. URSUPERS!!
Jaan, so true, so true Laughing

I remember that when I was like 12 or 14 (that age group anyway), some kid that was few years older stole my wallet.
But since then I don't recall being robbed...

Anyway, Vlien, sorry to hear about that Sad
I guess there are some immoral people who just have no values...
raine dragon
I had a friend of mine steal some pokemon cards from me when I was about 10... other then that, I've never been robbed.
No, I also have never been robbed.
but once i forget my wallet in a bus and i couldn't find it after that...but i think this can not be counted as robery...
I left a full packet of b/w photo paper in a dark room at school and it was snatched in minutes. At first I couldn't believe it, and then it made perfect sense. Photo paper is very expensive. And... well the room is very dark... haha. I've gotten better at not leaving my stuff laying around in a public domain.
As a missionary in Tennessee, USA I had my 2 month old bike stolen. I just had cleaned the thing and payed $50 to get it tuned up, lol.
i've been lucky enough and have lived in "nice" enough places that i haven't been robbed yet. just haven't been in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could say.
Never been robbed, but I've certainly lost enough stuff. I've had my phone returned to be twice, which is amazing luck.
I had around $100 stolen from me in increasing amounts by my younger brother once, and it wasn't until he had stolen a $50 note, splurged on chocolate and lollies and attempted (and failed) to hide the rubbish that I was able to prove he had been the one doing it. >_< Does that count?
hmmm... interesting question, so I will tell you why answered the way I did.

I considder myself to have never been "robbed" because no one has ever broken in past a lock and stolen valuables from me, and then left. I've had things stolen from me, and I've lost things along the way, but the word "Robbery" has a wide range of meanings. In this case I choose to answer that I haven't been robbed.

If you are an American citizen then, trust me on this one, You Have Been Robbed!!! Read The Constitution and figure it out, k?... OK!

We've all had things stolen from us, but I'm one of the lucky ones who was taught early how to handle my stuff to discourage theft, and I've lived in pretty nice places for the most part. I'm no strainger to ruff areas, and I now how bad it can get so I just take care of my own and I generally don't attract attention to the Dodge Viper parked in the garage! ;-p

Just kidding, BTW!! I as well as you wish that we all had Vipers parked in our garages, but we don't have them yet. They are still building yours...custom!!! But I get the black one, k?... OK!

Cheers, and good night!! Here's to life!
Well once my wallet got stolen in a crowded bus, at that time i was in school. And in recent times twice there have been attempts of stealing my cellphone but they couldnt cus i was careful and caught them. For those wondering wat happened next... They gott a good thrashing Twisted Evil
I've been robbed twice. Both times in my teenage years by teenagers in brooklyn.

One time I avoided it at night when someone walked by and tried to put a razor blade on my neck but I avoided it by yelling out only to have a couple just walk across the street and the thief slowly walking away. There's been much less of that now of course but 15 years ago it was really really bad.

Either way, I perfer being robbed from the government than by street hoodlums. But unfortunately it costs way too much to keep them in prison in far better conditions than the homeless for sure.
I have never been robbed personally..however I have been accused of stealing tho....eventually the police found the culprit and apologized to me.
I've never been robbed, but I have been accused of shoplifting. Basically, I had bought a flashlight keychain from the store and it didn't seem to work. So I went back and picked up another one, and looked around a bit more. I tried using the flashlight, and it worked. So to make sure the batteries I was using wasn't crap, I tried the battery of the new keychain in the one I already bought, and it worked, so I put it all back together and replaced the one I had taken. One of the employees had caught a glimpse of me and thought I was trying to steal it. It was worth a dollar. Why the hell would I steal something worth a dollar?

Anyways, yeah, that's my stealing story.
Never mugged, but I was robbed of a fornight's wages once while working for a so called friend. Did her a favour as she couldn't get anyone quick enough, so I took two weeks holiday from my own job and helped her out only to never get my money. Spent ages chasing her up, but it was very awkward as she was a friend. The first and last time that was ever going to happen.
IceCreamTruck wrote:
I considder myself to have never been "robbed" because no one has ever broken in past a lock and stolen valuables from me, and then left. I've had things stolen from me, and I've lost things along the way, but the word "Robbery" has a wide range of meanings. In this case I choose to answer that I haven't been robbed.

Actually, if a person had broken into your house to steal valuables, then you would be a victim of burglary, not robbery. Robbery involves the use of force or indimidation to steal from a person, while burglary involves illegally entering and/or stealing from a person's home (or any other building). In fact, in the United States, as person can break into your house, leave without taking anything, and still be convicted of burglary. Even in other countries, the burglar does not necessarily need to take anything to have committed the crime of burglary. However, in these countries, there may need to be an intent to damage the property, an intent to steal (even if the burglar couldn't carry out that intent for whatever reason), etc.

I don't blame you for not knowing the difference, as most people don't (I also thought they were the same thing until a little over a year ago), but since we're talking about robbery, I figure I'd offer an informal definition.
A few bikes, cards and games as well as my wallet once during vacation

I geuss i got away pretty good
Nah, can't really say I have. Maybe I've been robbed by my dad. (Sometimes he borrows my money without asking. He always re-pays me though.) lol.
Yes, I was about 13 and was riding my new mountain bike and 2 older kids pushed me off it and took off. I never seen it again. I never got a new one , so it never would happen again. That is when my shoes got alittle worn down mwhahahaha Laughing
I have never had my house robbed, but I have had things in my backpack stolen twice when I was in high school. Both events were similar--I was in band, and people left their bags in the classroom; however, for the first incident the substitute did not think to stay behind and lock the door. As a result, a lot of people had their valuables taken, and I had my calculator stolen. It was recovered when the thief was caught, but the second year I was not that lucky. It had been during a concert, and a few people stayed behind from their classes in-between their performances; during the time the pieces were played, they ransacked every valuable from their fellow band members' bags. I got my entire backpack stolen at that time, and everything but my pencil bag and cell phone were recovered. I was compensated for my loss, though. =\

I remember that in elementary school, this one girl made it her goal to own many of the "cool" things I had by stealing them. I could not do anything about it, since the teacher didn't act when I told him what happened, and her friends supported her lies all the way.
I've only had small things stolen, but that happened in the laundry room of my dorm. They stole things like wash rags and such.
meet in rio
No, thank goodness. Although someone nicked a couple of my tops after I put them in the airing cupboard at school. One of the nicest ones I owned, too - a lovely silk v-neck (and a scabby grey tee-shirt, but I was still annoyed about that!). I live in quite a quiet town (considering it's a university town), but I'm still quite wary and always lock up my bike/room/windows.
Well, not very many robberies around the places I lived in. Although, a couple times I have been "robbed." A few years ago, I had a bicycle stolen, but I found it a couple blocks away. I think it was stolen by those mischievous kids who lived down the street. No idea why it was put there, though. Another time I had a $10 watch stolen (or maybe I lost it Razz ). I normally don't get anything stolen because they're either locked, chained, or in my sight. The watch I think I did lose...and the bicycle, I have no idea how that happened, but I got it back.

Oh, I just remembered. I remember I once had a soda can stolen. I paid for it in the vending machine, left from the vending machine for a few moments and someone took it. I also had a couple quarters stolen that came out of the change slot in the vending machine. Man, I miss that soda. Wink
Someone stole my new shoes out of my locker. I sort of blame the school for this because all we had to do to open our lockers is stick our fingers through the hole and lift the metal bar on the side up. Unfortunately, I didn't find that until after my shoes were gone.
no but I've had my car broken into twice and it sucks. i mean you work hard for what you've earned and someone is trying to steal that from you. i don't like it one bit, if i ever get the chance too whoop that peron's ash, i will do it.... Cool
sorry, i have never been robbed. i feel i am so lucky... but somehow i believe that everybody must have a chance of being robbed in his/her life.......=.Speak to the hand;
good thing i've lived in small suburbs all my life. happens in those kind of places too, but i've fortunately never been a victim.

though someone did try and steal my washing machine when i was in china.
Yes my bike were stolen 2 years ago.
I've been robbed once... When i was young my friend stole one of my holographic pokemon cards. Back then it was a big deal, but now I couldn't care less. Besides, I've paid him back for that.
raine dragon wrote:
I had a friend of mine steal some pokemon cards from me when I was about 10... other then that, I've never been robbed.

I remember a friend stealing some of my rare LEGO pieces when we were like 10 xD
I tend to be very trusting of people I know, but trust no-one I don't know.
I'm always wary of how I cary money (NEVER in a wallet or bag) & if possible always like to travel light.
So far (fingers crossed!) my cautiousness has stood me in good stead (and maybe the fact I'm 6'3" tall !!) and kept me safe from thieves.
I don't know how I'd react if I returned home to find my house had been's never happened to me, but it IS something I worry about....I think I'd feel like they'd taken more than just my belongings.
I've been robbed a few times. But nothing really with so much importance. Guess, I'm still lucky.
I've never been robbed like that, though i have had things online taken from me, like accounts and stuff.
ive never been stolen from, but a few of my friends have been
Some money was stolen from my wallet once when I dropped in my gym and I came to return it. Luckily I still had all my passes and stuff haha.
Luckily enough i've never been robbed at gun point or with anything threatening. They did however steal my cell phone couple years back when I was at school. I had it on my and I walked through a crowd and someone picked it off me. Not much of a lose since I change cell phones couple times per year lol. I misplaced my wallet on a few occassions and I have been very lucky that whoever found it, looked me up in the telephone directory and contacted me to pick it up with everything in tact.
I was robbed by tow man when I was in high school,about 20$ (200RMB),not very much money but I was hurt by that terrible thing.
My car got stolen 2 Halloweens ago, and set on fire in a golf course. That had to be the worst Halloween ever. The jerks never got caught (of course) I guess they thought it would be fun. There was even a baby seat in the car to show you what great guys these were. And Canada is supposed to be so great Rolling Eyes
Yes, I have had many of bikes stolen from near me and when I was on holiday I had everything electrical stolen from our apartment. It was going to cost around £600 but luckily the insurance covered most of it.
I havn't been robbed so to speak but my car got broken into yesterday. They smashed my window and took my stereo! So gutting, I was suppose to be at work at 7am but ended up being in at 11am after police arrived, SOCO etc.
Of course no prints or anything so they got away scot free! GRRRR Evil or Very Mad
lol, I need to change my answer.. I was robbed like 10 years ago. They took all my rent a center stuff and rent a center tried to make me pay for the bill, I was like here's the name and number of the turd who robbed me go take them to court and leave me out of it. lol, I never had to pay back. Same with the rented movies that they stole. You lose a rented movie it will cost you over 100 bucks to replace it which I think is B.S. when you can go buy it at wal-mart for 20 bucks.
I have never been robbed personally (meaning face-to-face) but my house was just raped within the last 3 weeks and it's the second time in under 2 years.

I think I need to buy a large dog and fit it with a bullet-proof vest.....and steroids.
I am speaking out for my dad! He's been robbed in my old neighborhood about close to 5 times! It's really sad and it makes him so upset, but some how he manages to forget about it and move on. They stolen his tools for his job that amounted to more than $1,000 each time. One time they even stole his WHOLE van, took all the tools out of it, and left the van on an interstate highway. I hate people like this, especially when they never get caught. It's so sad that people are so desperate. The people who robbed us were using the money for drugs (this I am positively sure).

Crying or Very sad
I was robbed on the way down to my grandma's house for Christmas once. Car full of presents - gone.

That really, really sucked. They never got the guys who did it, and most of our stuff we never got back, just the stuff they dumped on the side of the road.

Ah, humanity.
No. I know what I can expect and I always try my best to look after my things.
Never been robbed. I will punch them so hard in the nose that they will need medical attention. If they are robbing me, they are not going to far away...unless they have a gun Laughing
Vrythramax wrote:
I have never been robbed personally (meaning face-to-face) but my house was just raped within the last 3 weeks and it's the second time in under 2 years.

I think I need to buy a large dog and fit it with a bullet-proof vest.....and steroids.

oh my god, max, i've missed you!
and i'm sorry to hear about your house Sad
I've never been robbed, but my aunt's house a couple blocks from mine did. They took some jewelry and money, but nothing huge. After that, their whole family has been kind of paranoid. We dropped by their house to pick something up when we thought nobody was home, and it turns out one of our cousins was home. She called the police. Confused
I had a bike, which was stolen around 8 years ago. I never knew how that happened...
Also, 6 years ago, someone stole a mobile phone from my bag at school. Lesson learned here: always carry your mobile with you instead of leaving it inside the classroom/workplace.
Nothing's been stolen from me before, not around here anyway - it's very low crime.
i've had a lot of things stolen. :p i guess i live in a big city and hang out with some shady people. i had a bike stolen a couple years ago from behind the place i was working, and ten dollars from my wallet which i accidentally left in my bathroom last week. you just kind of get used to it, get over it. proper precautions were probably my issue.

my friend came over a couple of weeks ago, though, and told us about a guy who tried to mug him. apparently my friend reverse-mugged him and ended up roughing up the would-be mugger and taking his money!
10 yeras ago, my CD player was stolen... Crying or Very sad
I was robbed of over GBP1500 when we paid a deposit on a flat we wished to rent. Somehow this guy convinced us that he owned this flat - we viewed it and everything. And we wanted to rent it so we signed a contract with him and paid a deposit. Stupid thing was not to get keys - but he could have easily given us fake keys and we wouldn't have noticed. It really sucked. We were already completely broke and had to borrow that money to pay the deposit.
We made a report to the police and it turned out we were the only ones this guy got! And we had paid the least amount! Others had been ripped off over GBP2000!
A year later the guy went to jail... and we got our money back! The police confiscated all his money/belongings and we were all given our money back! So the story has a happy ending! But for a good three months after we lost the money we lived off noodles and had to stay at a terrible hostel!
Yea, but mostly just pencils and erasers. Nothing major. So I voted no cause nothing valuable's ever been stolen from me.
Thankfully, I have never been robbed (though there's a first time for everything). Sometimes, various family members have appropriated my stuff without asking, but they usually give it back (if not, I go after them and retrieve it).

yes i was once robbed, but then i used to b a little kid.... and was having some choclates and toffies in my pocket Razz, and a boy much elder than me... shoed me knife and said "Gimme watever you have".... i was shocked and afraid... i put hand in my pockets and removed choclates and toffies... and this ediot took that all away.. and i went home crying.... i really laugh when i remember this... Very Happy
I wouldn't call this a robbery, but I did lose a good deal of money, at least it is to me as a teen. I was buying something Illegal and the kid took my money (230$) and told me he would be back in 15 minutes.

and never came back. It sucks, but I'm getting over it lol.
Yes, I was wayback 6 years ago. I was riding a public jeepney and 4 men get our bags, watches and cellphones. I can't forget the man pointed a gun on my heart. I can't talked for half a hour 'til I saw my family running towards me and then I stated to cry. It was really horrible time and I couldn't forget 'til now.
yes I have been robbed once in Dubai few years ago.
I was quite strange because Dubai is considered as a very safe place compared to where I lived at that time (Paris) and I was never robbed in Paris but during my holidays in Dubai.
I lost my phone and wallet but fortunately my passport and my plane tickets for the return were in the hotel, so the damage was not to bad.
This story was taken very seriously by the police in Dubai who investigated the case seriously, thing which would have never happened in Paris because there are far too many cases and they focus only on the big ones.
I've never actually been robbed. This could be because I tend to avoid the dark alleyways and am sorta paranoid about walking by myself. I avoid spots ahead that look like trouble and things usually turn out okay. People have been stealing pumpkins from my house for ages though, every Halloween.
I haven't been robbed actually. But there were bullies when I was young who tried to take money from me but they never could. See I was a nasty boy myself and I fought back.

And there was this really dangerous incident which happened a few months back. As I was walking (it was late) back home and there were this three guys. I was just trying to call someone on my cell phone and they asked for my cell phone. I was a bit far from them. They attacked me and I ran away. They couldn't catch me.

So there were a couple of other incidents too where I came close to being robbed but they never could rob me. And I hope that it never happens in the future.
In middle school someone stole my pair of shoes out my locker. Our lockers had the holes and all you had to do was stick your finger in the hole and flip the metal bar up on the side and then it opened. Of course I didn't find this out until my shoes were gone.
weird and funny,this happens not to me but to my sister in her boarding house...the burglar was like inside her room, perhaps looking for something to rob but didn't get any, and when my sister open the door she was stunned by the man inside,she did not scream or any thing and let the thief pass her so the thief was like, walking fast on the hall, when she scream... 'thief' and holding a mug, throw it to him that instant...unfortunately the thief runaway, but atleast he got nothing with him...
My phone was picked off my pockets at the university a couple of years ago. A nice motorola phone Sad And in high school someone stole a video game cartirdge from my bag when I went to lunch. Apart from that though I havent been robbed face to face so i'm thankful for that.
nope hope it wont happen to me.Im scared Sad
No it never happened to me. Anyway, I don't have a lot to be robbed.

Very Happy
No. Not that I can recall of.
Luckily I have never been robbed. And telling the truth I hope I won't be robbed never.
well i think i lost my nokia N95 through my own stupidity, i forgot it at the supermarket market counter and the very next minuet i remembered and went to take it was not there, someone had already picked it. when i tried to call my own number it was switched off.... guess thats what happens when someone takes your phone.
i've only been robbed one time, and it was AT A CHURCH......

so i was in my friend's wedding, and everyone who was in the wedding went to the church to change. So naturally, I didn't want a ton of stuff in my pockets, and I figured no one would come into the room during the service and what not, but I tucked my clothes away under a chair in the corner just in case. Anyway, I do the wedding thing, and when I get back I put my clothes back on. I didn't notice anything strange until an hour or so after the wedding when I reach in my back pocket and my wallet's put in a different way than how I usually do it. So I check it and see all my cash is gone.. all of my cash being like $350, because I had planned on buying my dad some guitar stuff while I was in nashville for my friend's wedding...

needless to say.. I WAS PISSED.. but whoever did that, i really do feel sorry for them.. they stole in a church, that can't go over well with the big guy
I have never been around for this but, I have family members who have been robbed at gun point a couple times, including my mother. We had a family business that was fairly successful and was probably a motive for people to rob us.
"Yes, once" in Paris. Pickpocket got my camera ! Evil or Very Mad
my mobile phone and my DC were stolen last year, it is ordinary to been stolen ,especially the mobile phone in my university .
yes, 3 times I think. First was when I was about 10 year old or so, the robber(a teenager himself) took about 4000 rupiah (it's quite amount of sum for me at that time). The second time was when I was 15 year old, the robber jumped to a public transportation tool (we called it becak in Indonesia), and threatened to thrust me with a knife, but he failed because I suddenly called the driver to stop, pretending that I'd arrived at home, and he just jumped out (maybe he was a newbie at that time, lol). The third time was when I'm 16 year old, I was just about to arrive at home driving motorbike when two guys hit me at the head, and after I fall of my bike, tried to take it. But luckily one of my neighbors saw it and shouted to the robber. The fleed (again,lol) but I need to undergo some head scans to check the degree of injury. Fortunately it's just bruised..I'm a lucky guy after all Very Happy
I've been robbed multiple times. I hate theives... I detest them. I've been robbed probably more times than I'd be able to count with my fingers... it sucks and I'm sorry that it had to happen to you.
We got robbed on the way down to Christmas once. That sucked. Car broken into and all the presents stolen. I was like, 7 man. That HURT. Don't steal.
my family had stolen jewellery when i was little and when i was in year 7 my "close" friend took my money i was going to pay for my excursoin and i found it in his bag 2 days after and he wouldn't admit it. He later apologised and returned the money a few days after and now were friends again. but not that close.
I've been rob quite a few times too. Lolz thinking about it now, I don't find it upsetting that they stole my stuffs (which wasn't much) but the fact that they turned my house upside down looking for goods. I hate cleaning up the mess!! Evil or Very Mad

This world is too corrupted.
sourlemon wrote:
I've been rob quite a few times too. Lolz thinking about it now, I don't find it upsetting that they stole my stuffs (which wasn't much) but the fact that they turned my house upside down looking for goods. I hate cleaning up the mess!! Evil or Very Mad

This world is too corrupted.

That's so true. It is like when they steal you bag and purse with all your credit cards in it, and all the time, effort and problems you have to cancel all the credit cards and get new ones again, as well as replace all the stuff. Not to mention my keys, which included a bunch of office keys as well as home keys. And in my case, once when they pinched my gym bag, I could not even remember all the things that were in the bag as it had become a caravan of sorts with all my equipment that I need at the gym and on my way to gym. Think that is where I learned my lesson to travel with only what I need. I got a locker at gym and thinned out the keys so that I would lock away most of the keys in a separate drawer at work, and only carry the main one, and ditto home. Infuriating though, and the invasion of your personal stuff most unpleasant. Grrrrrr .....
Yes. But it was a long time ago when i was at school. One day I went with my friends to a nearby place to have fun when suddenly 2 robbers jumped out to seize us and asked for money. 5 dollars and a packet of cigarette were robbed of but we remained safe.
Later we managed to find more friend and pulled the robbers out of an arcade and beat then half dead.....
I voted that I had been robbed once, however it was actually twice. When I was a kid my bike was stolen, but it was stolen by a cousin and when I discovered it gone, I got it back.

Many years later, during a cross country move, I was too tired to completely unload my car when I got where I was going and that night my car was broken into and several things were stolen. That was back in the mid 70s. (yep, I'm old LOL)

The local cops just kind of shrugged and suggested that I look for my stuff at the local flea market. Never got anything back that time though.

My bike was stolen 2 years ago, but I went to the police and they found the burglar. They arrested him and I got my bike back Very Happy
Yes once in Argentina like four years ago. It was not really a good experience.

Crying or Very sad
I bought my wife and me a brand new bike each, and locked them in our shed at night. Next day they were gone. Insurance paid up and I bought two new bikes, but kept them in the house.

First time I used mine I cycled to town, locked the bike up on a main street with a huge £30 chain used for motorbikes.

Came back 30 minutes later, and it had gone. Insurance didn't believe me and wouldn't pay.

Lesson: Don't live in Hull if you have any personal possessions.
Let's see... My bike, a college book, gold front emblem for my mustang.

LAweight loss scamed me this year by closing with no prior notice. That one hurt. I had just joined and got th whole package and put on my credit card bills. I guess shop went under according to the note on door. Who does this to there custmomers! anyways?? They are gone now and so is all my money? So what do I do now?
If they've been made bankrupt, then you need to contact the administrators who have taken over and put a claim in as a creditor.
My car has been broken into twice…
One time they went through the trunk (for some reason it didn’t latch) and stole my sub, 2 amps, and head unit…. For some reason they tried to rip my radar detector power cord out, and broke the cord. So they left the radar detector….. I never saw any of my equipment after that

So I bought a new head unit and one amp (to power my door speakers).. then about 6 months later my neighbor heard a loud POP (my window….at around 2 am) and looked outside and 3 guys were at my car taking stuff out.. So she called 911 and then called her brother that lives down the street. He got his gun out, and got in his truck and chased them… The cops eventually caught them, but not before throwing my stuff out the window on the concrete
So I got to recover all my stuff… its pretty banged up, but works pretty good.
So I “should” of gotten some money out of them… BUT I GOT NOTHING… I think they decided to just do jail time, rather than pay….
Yes i was 1 year ago by this dude with a home made gun.... but he is dead now... they had a shoot out Sad
Yeah, I robbed myself of a good life.
Yes. Sad Plenty of times...
Heeey I just voted "No, never" but seconds after that I remembered that I was actually robbed once... and it was on the night before my Prom..... I really didn't know... we were on a dinner at some restaurant, and my bag was gone... and we couldn't find it... I had some valuable things in it.. like one promo cd of my friend, who was starting like a DJ... and it was really good... and some pictures of me with friends.... ahh now that I remember this it make me feel little angry again...
I haven't, I used to notice people checking out my car stereo(I come from a ratty suburb in Australia) and so I took so advice from the great maddox, and put a sticker on my drivers window of a picture of one of my rifles with the words underneath, "why it's a bad idea to touch this car"

Maybe I'm lucky, or maybe it was a good idea.
Well I has my purse stolen... my FAVORITE puse with my ipod and FAVORITE sunglasses in it. I was pissed!!! I could not believe it.
it is never happened for me.. but in my olden days somebody stolen my pen... but i am not sure i put it my self somewhere else or not...
This topic caught my eye. I have been robbed more than a few times, in different ways. My house has been broken into and looted, as well as my vehicles. The worst is when it's done face to face, of course, because they usually use a gun.

Which reminds me of a story. I'll try not to make it too long.

When I was 19, I was walking to a store with my two cousins and a friend one night, while visiting my Grandmother in Florida(before I moved here). On our way back, we decided to take a shorter route through a questionable neighborhood. Brilliant, eh?
Less than 100 feet from my Grandmothers front door, I happened to notice two shifty looking gents coming out from behind a house. We didn't run fast enough before they had their pistols aimed at us. Sadly, I had quite a bit of cash on me that I forgot about. Which they relieved me of. Needless to say, it was quite an experience.
Yes I have but never from a stranger. Its always been a scumbag I knew that would get my guard down then steal something. Like a couple roommates did that to me. And now I don't have any roommates, so I learned my lesson. Got one put in jail for it actually.
Yes, I was. But little thing were stolen.
Yes my bike were stolen 2 years ago.

My bike was also stolen, three years ago. Sad
And it was an attempt of pickpocketing in the tram. Nothing was stolen but I learn my lesson: I put some fake money (100 euro bills) in my first pocket of my backpack. Wink
I can hardly wait for a scam to take it: MF!
From where I have fake money? I was doing a video and they had to bring two boxes with money: so the director printed few thousands 100 euro bills - with a big watermark on them: just for filming. But, you know: tram, crowded, rush... come and get it, you stupid.[/i]
Once someone tried to rob me. I told him to f*ck off cause I saw a few friends of mine heading my way. When he saw them too, he was gone Razz That was my lucky day I guess...
One time I THOUGHT someone had stolen my purse -- I was on vacation in NC and I went to breakfast and when I got up to leave my purse was gone! I asked at the hotel lost and found and they said it wasn't there, and they called the police for me. When the police got there and after I'd already filled out a report, the guy at the hotel desk overheard me describing my purse. He said, "oh." Then he reached under the desk and pulled out my purse!! I was happy and mad at the same time, because why hadn't he looked there the first time I'd asked about it???? But still, it wasn't stolen! w00t!

Someone stole my Japanese dictionary when I was in high school, but it was more a mean prank than robbery. I found it hidden in an empty locker a year later.
it was wayback 8 years ago, my wife used to ride a public jeepney while heading home..robbers look like a passenger as well, they were 5 of them, they robbed first whose sitting beside the driver while other passengers jump outside the window...she was sitting near a passage way of a jeepney but she was in a shock what had happened...they grabbed her and her pack lunch...they put the trigger on her was so scary...she couldn't talked for about 5mins...until she cried...that took her years to ride again a public jeepney...just because of that incident...
These things forms a part of life, we can never escape them, when it has to happen it will happen.

Well let me think about it, I am not able to remember about my incident but it has happened many a time with my family members. My fathers pocket was picked many a times. cash, driving licence etc gone.

my uncle's car was robbed, my brother was threatened to give his car keys but he fought bravely with the miscreants.
Well one of my good friends at the time broke in to my garage and stole mine and my sisters bikes, him and his brother did it actually, then they sold one of the bikes.
When they came back for more my neighbour saw him trying to get in, so we wern't friends anymore lol

Then I found out he stole some games from my other friend, he really was a bad friend lol
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