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Finding new bands

Any advice on finding new bands online similar to artists I like? Are there any good sites to search based on what you like? I am going to make a snowboard video for school (and maybe on a website) this year and I want some music from independent/new bands that will let me use their music for free.
Jakob [JaWGames] is a great site for finding artists. It checks what you listens on and let you see which artists other people with similiar musictaste listens to. Otherwise I usually uses to check out which famous artists there are in the certain genres Smile
Of course there is, you just type in your favorite artist and get similiar artists. But don't expect to use any of their songs for free.
Jakob [JaWGames] wrote:

Its not
The only music site I know with an fm domain name is
Jakob [JaWGames]
Magicman wrote:
Jakob [JaWGames] wrote:

Its not
The only music site I know with an fm domain name is

Oh, sorry, I was going to write "" but was thinking at pandora at the same time Rolling Eyes
There's a really good band in Canada, called "Journey To Aspen". They're unsigned, but they're opening for Sydney in a few days!
Another vote for They are great and can suggest some good bands.

Also, I'd check out some music podcasts. That's how I discover new bands. There are some terrific indie bands out there and some give away their music to promote it.

Also, check out iTunes free download of the week. That is a good way to find new music too.
I personally use, but I haven't really used it for finding new bands. I use PureVolume for that. Just searched for the type of music I was looking for. is a little biased on it's listener numbers; meaning that you'll get Labeled music that anyone can find by listening to the radio or browse through the store to find. If you mean really "new" music, head over to PureVolume and look for music that don't belong to a label. Although I did find The Almost through ... but I did find Acceptance through PureVolume ... ah decisions. ^_^
That's true. I've started listening a little bit to Pandora now as well. I have a very little used account at PureVolume. I basically set it up because Tooth and Nail Records was giving away a bunch of mp3s if you signed up.

Thanks for the info.
Since I see your avatar is Thursday I can personally recommend Senses Fail, Alesana, Silverstein and Meadow which are emo/screamo bands. Maybe a bit off topic but it might help you =) They are really good bands.

The Random Profile Jump that PureVolume has is very good indeed. I also think that PureVolume's player is better than's (as well as Myspace's player, that sucks).
Try Myspace to find new bands you like. If you already have some categories of music you like, just try pandora or to find new band by similar types.
Yeah, the best way to find out is by going through

Many underground bands, like myself, post up our band for people to check it out.

Also, is good too.. Smile
a lot of the mainstream bands today sound the same. i'll find myself turning on the radio and listening to a song that sounds exactly like the last song that came up. more often than not i think the same bands have produced the same songs hahaha i get so confused! but yeah, there are a lot of good underground bands/music out there, but you're going to have to work a little harder to find them. i like a lot of them because it's so different, but if you're into mainstream just go to top 40 or something. it would help if you listed what genre you liked. and limewire is always good for getting free music =P
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