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Boycott of Sony Music

Will you Boycott Sony
 75%  [ 3 ]
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4

Having sued the single mother Jammie for $220,000 on very scant burden of proof I plan to boycott all further purchase of music produced or distributed by Sony.

Whilst I don't agree with p2p, I feel the fine itself is excessive and not in relation to the crime considering the fine is only for 24 songs. Also they did not have to prove that she actually had p2p software on her computer.

What these means is that they could pick your name out of a hat, and if you don't settle and fight in court you could lose without your accuser proving you have actually got the song on your computer or that you have shared it. All they have is an IP address and that I believe is not sufficient proof enough to be fined a quarter of a million dollars.

And if you're still going to buy Sony records because you feel this woman deserved that fine then boycott Sony because of what their chief litigation lawyer said in the case. Jennifer Pariser said "making copies of purchased music is just "a nice way of saying 'steals just one copy.'"

Oh really. So when I buy a CD I should not rip that CD using my Sony Laptop (Which came with software to enable me to rip CD's) and put it on my Sony Mp3 player (Which also came with software to enable me to rip CD's) or transfer that Mp3 to my Sony DuoMemory stick to put in my Mp3 Walkman Phone. What about Sony blank "Music" CD's. Do they want me to buy the same music over and over again for each and every playback device I own, even though it will just be me listening to my music? How can Sony condemn me and call me a thief yet provide me with the tools to do so? Well, Sony, I will never buy any of your products ever again. That way you can be sure that if you try and take me to court for something I have not done I will throw that back in your face.

Please, boycott Sony from here and now on until they realise that their hardware section is committing what I consider tantamount to entrapment.
How about boycotting sony because they are the main manufacturer of Blu-Ray and its souped up DRM.

The same DRM that has forced two BD manufacturers to have to release Firmware updates for their players. (Stand-alone players mind you, not software based).

What happens when a future "firmware" update renders some your BD unplayable? Or even worse, bricks your 2 year old BD player (out of warranty). What then?

What all the rootkit fisacos' Or removing PS2 emulation from the PS3 in Europe (Despite the fact it doesn't save them any money at all [as it is all done in software and that software has been written])

You keep buying Sony. Personally, I would stay well clear.
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