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Car "crash" story(s).

Warning, some reading follows, and is intended for those who have nothing better to do, if you have something better to do...go do it

Here's my story:

I'm driving home on a dirt road at night in my 2000 intrepid (70,000 miles, good condition) with a friend in the car (we're both 16). It's all good, going about 35-40mph, listening to the radio, until out of nowhere something appears in the road (remember this is a dirt road and its dark out). My first instinct is to swerve (which is what you're not supposed do) and then I lose control, and go into the ditch.

After a few ...."select words" and sitting there for a sec taking in what had just happened, we get out to survey the damage. The whole front fender is all messed up [scratched, dented, and ...hanging off of the car] and there's a liquid leaking out on the ground. At this point...I realize I'm screwed (I'm dad is going to kill me). I get in the car and somehow manage to get it out of the ditch, and drive home...and think for a while.

I've learned a few things (silver lining) and also learned something, and that is: Modern day cars are super shitty when it comes to quality...and fenders are a rippoff.

Well there's my story...I felt that I had to share it with, feel free to add your own incidents if you've had any.
Depends what car in the UK. My brother would not be here now if he didn't have a Vauxhall Corsa, plain and simple - he had a pretty bad crash. Rolled it a lot of times into a ditch, the car did it's job to protect the driver - the rest of the car was SCREWED and the drivers compartment completely intact. If he had still had a Nova or something he'd be dead right now.
Hey, could have been a lot worse. At least you didn't crash into a tree or anything. And as for the quality of modern cars, that's not necessarily true. A lot of the front end of a modern car is designed to break, so you don't - crumple zones and the like. Yeah, your insurance rates and stuff are going to go up, but again, could be worse.
Well, it's technically not my car crash story, but my car did get wrecked up...

I basically pull into McDonalds, and have myself, 2 double cheeseburgers, a McChicken, and a small drink (I could refill to my heart's content, so small was sufficient).

Twenty minutes later, I come out, and the entire back of my car is smashed in. WTFUX.
I know a guy who knows a guy who got in a crash while jerking it.
I know a guy who knows a guy who got in a crash while jerking it.
Ah! So maybe there is some truth in saying that jerking makes you blind? ;)

Anyway, I've never had my car crashed, but I was in a car crash that involved a very sleepy driver crashing into the back of a stationary truck parked in the side of the road. I was sitting in the front seat with my grandfather, and if not for him, I would have gone through the windshield. He pretty much saved my life, and got a broken rib and some fractures as well.
One time, we were driving home from a family party in the middle of the night, and we noticed the front-passenger wheel was making a funny noise. Our mom pulled into a gas station to see if something was wrong. It looked okay, so we got back on the highway. About a half-mile later, our wheel fell off at about 65 mph. Of course the car started leaning over to that side, but luckily it didn't flip or anything, and we swerved to a stop in a truck stop that happened to be right there. Nobody was hurt, mostly because nobody was sitting in the front-passenger seat (our grandmother had been sitting there, but we had dropped her off earlier and never bothered to switch seats.).

Another time we hit a deer (in the same '95 Ford Windstar as before), and somehow the latches on both side windows broke... our mother blamed me and my brother for "messing up the windows" even though we hadn't touched them. Still don't know how they broke.

The third time, once again in the Windstar, we blew our head gasket on the highway. Crazy smoke everywhere. It took forever for the tow truck to get there, and we had our cousin and our dog with us and everything.

That car got messed up a lot... it was unreliable, but always safe. I could get some more points by talking about all the cars my brother's crashed, but I have to get to class.
I've been in two write-offs and one minor incident.

First, when I was small my mum fell asleep at the wheel, microsleeps or whateva and we went off the road and rolled down the side of a hill and hit a tree. We all survived, mum had some glass cuts but that was it. We were really lucky and now where we went off (country road) there is armco railing which would have saved our car at least.

Second major crash I was in was a friend driving home from a party me sitting in the front seat, I was absolutely slaughtered which might have made it hurt less. Some drugged up slut ran a red light at we t-boned her. My friend hit the breaks apparently I don't remember things that well but we still slammed into her. I was worst off, I hit my head on the dash and got minor whiplash. Airbags didn't go off for some reason, perhaps not going fast enough or they were stuffed already ('02 Subaru Liberty). However, I was leaning forward reading a map when we crashed and I may not be in a good state if they had gone off.

Last and the least, a mirror banging when my family lived in Germany. Some stupid dude wasn't looking where he was going coming round a corner and just looked up in time to avoid a MAJOR head on. Dad was driving and couldn't go anywhere so it was totally up to him. Our mirrors hit his got smashed off and ours was fine which was lucky. He was driving a BMW us a Mercedes which just shows how Merc > BMW.

So there are my stories, I'm probably quite lucky I'm still alive. I almost got killed riding my bike several times but thats for another thread:P.
I don't have a car crash story. I just want to know what your dad said. Is anyone else wondering this too?
Old cars would not have been damaged as much, they would have passed on the damage to you! Modern cars take the damage so that you can survive.
Not really a crash but...
I was in a BK parking lot, and my car caught fire. My bro was messing with it the night before.
He thought he could fix it, but screwed up the gas can...
I got to buy a new car, though Very Happy
Eleven years ago, I was working 3 jobs, my last one being delivering newspapers (yeah I know but I had to pay the bills). Was extremely tired one night and on my way home from the job I ended up falling asleep. I woke up to my face in the windshield and the car flipping 3 times. Ended up splitting a telephone pole in half. Had serious gouges in my forhead and a very bad concussion, no broken bones though. Took almost a year to get over the after effects.

Was driving a Ford Explorer, the pole had caused the engine to shift back into the front seat. When my wife went to get the belongings out of the car from the junk yard the person working there asked if I was dead cause that was one of the worst wrecks he had seen. (didn't make her feel too good at first, but she realized hey I wasa still alive and normal). The concussion part was really bad, I forgot words, stuttered when I spoke, couldn't keep my balance ( I kept swaying when I tried to stand still), headaches, and then the depression hit. Not to mention the glass shards that kept coming out of my head even two years later.

I just want to convey one thing from my experience, IF YOU ARE TIRED TO THE POINT YOU HAVE TO SHAKE YOUR HEAD OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT PULL OVER AND GO TO SLEEP, OR CALL A CAB. I thought I could make it home, and when this happened I was literally less than a mile from my home. The pain I caused myself and loved ones was not worth what I tried to do...

All is good now though, took a while to get caught up financially, was in the hospital for a week and out of work for almost 5 months. Not to mention the trips to the shrink for treatment of post traumatic stress syndrome.
Last night I was staying over at my girlfriend's place and just as we were slowly fading to sleep, caught in an endlessly lethargic state of bliss, I hear loud, sustained tire screeching outside and eventually a pop. At first I thought someone's tire blew out because I heard them slow down to a complete stop afterwards, and then I hear another car screeching and eventually a sort of clunking noise. I suddenly feel the fear of having heard someone getting hit in the road so I scramble outside and down the dark 45 mph highway. I see a car stopped on the shoulder about 100 feet down from what appears to be a mess of blood all over the road. I slowly crept closer to the pile of flesh until it turned out to be the corpse of a mangled deer. People hit them all the time in my town as there is a serious overpopulation problem (more of a problem for the deer, sadly) but it still tore me up inside.
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