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What happened ?

the other day I put the CD in the drive and my processor started saving information and shutting down.
It was the my internet company CD to install the drivers for the new modem.
I can not even get the dick out.
It is not turning on again.
Ever had such a problem before?
I had something similar to your problem when I tried to install a webcam driver. It might be because the CD was burned by a friend of mine and it's just crap. Surprised What happened was the installer wasn't responding but the drive was reading the CD non-stop. If you can't open the CD drive tray with the button, a traditional method is to use a pin and poke in the tiny hole in front of the CD drive.
When you say it is not turning on again, do you mean you hit the power button and nothing happens? Or does it start to boot up and then crashes?
Sometimes a blue screen appears and crashes. I can not read the information on the blue screen. Its appears and reboots the machine. Also my CMOS battery is not lasting. I dont know if it has nothing to do with my problem, but its also my problem.
Someone please help me here.
Did you get the cd out by using a small pin to open the cd-drive? (A paperclip will do just nice)

Hey... Is there no one to help me outta here???
firstly u need to eject the disk

now there are 2 ways to do it

1. using a pin or a paper clip u can eject the disk
2. while restarting the computer go into bios and eject the cd from there

once u are done ejecting the cd try using yer cd drive with some other cds and see

if the problem still persists let us know
After you get the disk out (as posted above many times over) you need to go ahead and write down a little bit of the info on that blue screen. It probably goes by too fast to see, so you need to open your BIOS and look for something along the lines of "Reboot on failure/crash" and disable that. If theres not something like that in there, you need to boot into safe mode (pres F8 repeatedly while turning on machine) and then boot in safe mode. While in safe mode, open Control Panel-->System-->Advanced-->Startup and Recover Settings--> and uncheck "Automatically restart". Then write down the error code and give that to us. Should be a hex looking thing like 0x1090302^223 or some random looking thing.
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