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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Has anyone else started to play this? So far I think the game is really fun and the controls with the stylus are great. My only problem with this game is that it feels a bit short. I'm not sure exactly how many hours I've played, maybe 10-15, maybe a bit more even, but I think I'm about to enter the last last dungeon. So now I'm trying to delay it and do some of the side quests and collecting gems to power up my spirits. The online play is okay I guess, not very exciting though.
I have never played any Zelda game just some fan made games.
I never had the chance.
I haven't actually played it myself as I don't personally own a DS, but a lot of my friends have one and I saw my friend play Phantom Hourglass for a good 10 hours combined and I dont think he was all that far, are you sure you can beat it in a mere 15 hours? I don't recall any zelda game ever being that short.

But i must say, they did a good job on phantom hourglass, it takes good advantage of the DS's capabilities.
I've heard a lot about this game and think it looks very good. Smile

Zelda Windwaker was awesome so I believe that this will also be great! Very Happy
Going to buy it soon when i can be arsed, i'll keep you informed if possible Smile
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