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What do you think about Blink182?

I think Blink 182 was the best band ever in the world! I like that kind of music and the typical Blink182-style. Mark and Tom are good musicers and travis is one of the best drummers in the world. u can google some videos from travis and u can see how good he is =)
Yup, one of my favourite bands ever. I had the honor of meeting Tom DeLonge at an AvA show in Paris.
Yeah great band, shame they're no longer together really.

They had some classic tracks in their time and their stuff is easy to listen to, upbeat and energetic.
i think its very bad that they are seperated i hope they come back to their fans =]
Ok, just to be the bad guy: I don't like it.
It's too "happy" for me. But that's my opinion.
Rofl, How can something be TOO happy ?

Anyway, I like blink182, that's sad they are no longer together.

What do you guys think of angel and airwaves?
I like all of Blink-182's stuff, but their older stuff gets a little...well...old after a bit. The stuff they wrote towards the end was really good in my opinion. Not a big fan of Angels and Airwaves, but +44 is decent.
I really liked Blink 182 before they split. Great musicians, but the publicity got overmuch and they really were one of the best bands 'til they got mainstreamed by the media. I hate seeing bands go downhill after a solid career, just because they're over-played and over-abused.
I still love listening to and playing along to some of their stuff, especially Enema of the State and Dude Ranch.

I'm actually mostly big on progressive rock and metal now, but my 'musical roots' are in punk (Mxpx, Frenzal Rhomb, Blink 182, Good Riddance, Strung Out - all their 90s stuff and some early 2k stuff anyway).

I still listen to all of them from time to time!
There was a time when i was a BIG fan. Specially Enema of the State and Take off your pants and jacket. But i don't know when i outgrew the pop-punk genre.
Still All The Small Things will always be one of my favourite songs.
kuhdorf wrote:
what u like? Razz

Hm. Madball. Razz

pll wrote:
Rofl, How can something be TOO happy ?

Yeap. For me, they are like Backyardigans. hehehe
But no ofense, this is only my opinion. Wink
Ok I'm the only dumb one who never realized they broke up haha.
Yeah they were amazing.
good band, allaround its more for younger teens Laughing

I personally listen to them often.
They were my first band I listened to to piss my parents first band with that "explicit content" sticker...

They're just amazing.

Alright. Time for a reunion tour. Razz
I never follow the news about bands, groups and so on, and they have broken it off? How sad is that?

Blink 182 is one of my favourite punk rock groups, love their voice. And they are nothing to much or to little for me, I either love them or not, and they are high on my list, to bad most good groups ends it to soon.
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