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Fire emblem

well anyone like it or ever heard of it?
it covers most if not all of the nintendo systems with its 10 games
I played this game on the gameboy advance sp. i loved it from the start! i've seen people playing it on other systems and it seems to be a great rpg on any platform i've only heard good things about it. i didn't play too far into the game as i was occupied with god of war then left the state (was staying with my brother). hope this helps you out! i definitely recommend this game.
Fire Boar
Fire Emblem? Hell yeah! It has got to be the best turn-based strategy game I have ever played. I just love the way it's done... pure awesomeness. Here are the ones I've played...

FE 6: Seal of Swords (Japanese rom with translation patch)
FE 7 (Borrowed it)
FE 8: Sacred Stones
FE 9: Path of Radiance (At last! Fire Emblem in 3D on the Gamecube!)

... and I'm looking forward to getting FE 10: Goddess of Dawn on the Wii.
Yeah, I heard about it. I heard it's one of the best rpg on the GBA. But I've never played it... it's sad Wink I think I'll try if people like it so much.
I've played other rpg's on GBA, for example. Pokemon(some consider it as rpg, some don't, some hate it...), kingdom hearts, I think one Zelda game but for GBC and I have to say that rpg games for GBA are very good and you can spent long hours playing it.
Maybe you can write something more about Fire Emblem... it'd be nice Very Happy
Fire Boar
The Zelda RPGs you're thinking of are Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. They're both good, and you can link the two together - a little like pokemon red and blue, except the entire adventure, items, setting, etc is completely different.

Fire Emblem... let's see now. I think I'll tell you about Sacred Stones, its storyline, and how it (and the other FE games) work.

Renais is one of the kingdoms in the continent of Magvel. Magvel has always been a peaceful place... until Grado, another of the kingdoms and one of Renais' closest allies decides to attack. They take Renais completely by surprise and reach the capital where king Fado and his daughter Erika are. Fearing for his daughter's life, Fado instructs Seth and Franz, his two most loyal knights, to escort Erika to the nearby capital of Frelia, an allied nation.

Franz rides ahead to find reinforcements, leaving Seth with Erika. On leaving the capital, they are accosted by a wyvern knight named Valter. He demands that Erika hand over her bracelet... or her life. Seth, unable to protect her, grabs her and flees with a nasty wound.

They ride deep into the mountains and stop for a short break... but it is only brief, for a group of bandits decide to attack. This is where you start the game - the idea of the first mission is to coordinate Erika and Seth in the battle against the bandits. Seth is wounded, but he is strong enough to handle them despite his wounds. Erika is more vulnerable; she only has a little HP and hardly any defense.

After this brief interlude, they journey on to Frelia, joined by Franz and Gilliam, a knight of Frelia. On reaching there, the news is not good - Renais has fallen, and Fado is dead. Also, Ephraim, Erika's twin brother, has gone missing - he was last seen journeying towards the capital of Grado itself. Fearing for her brother's life, Erika and the party head out in search of her brother. On the way they are accosted by Grado forces numerous times, and each time they are set on one goal: finding Erika's bracelet. What is the secret behind the bracelet that makes a whole nation invade one of their closest allies?

Okay, mechanics. It's a grid-based battle system. Each person has a specific movement range, and each weapon can attack a certain number of spaces. For example: swords, lances and axes all have an attack range of one - in other words you have to be standing next to an enemy to attack them. Regular bows have an attack range of two - you have to be standing with one space seperating you from your enemy. Longbows are an exception - they have an attack range of two to three. Most magic attacks can be both direct and indirect, with an attack range of one to two.

Conventional weapons have a power decided by their user's strength, and their opponent's defense. Magical weapons use magic and defense respectively instead. Swords beat axes, axes beat lances, and lances beat swords. Choosing the right weapon for the job is a big part of the strategy. Similarly, magic follows a triangle: Light beats Dark, Dark beats Anima/Nature, Anima/Nature beats Light. Bows and healing magic are different - they don't follow any pattern at all.

The idea is to keep your people safe as much as anything - there is no respawning at all. If someone falls in battle, they will never again be able to fight, although they might be able to stick around as advisors (i.e. plot-specific characters). If Erika or Ephraim (or any of the protagonists in other games) dies - that's it. Game over. So, it really does take much tactical prowess to figure out the best way to win the fights.

Characters gain experience - a lot for killing an enemy, a little for hitting them, and just 1 point for missing. 100 experience gives a level up, which automatically boosts your stats randomly. The maximum level is 20. Also, most characters can change their class once they reach level 10. In Sacred Stones, you need to use a class-specific item on the character. For example, Vanessa, a Pegasus Knight, on reaching level 10, decides to class-up. You would have her use an Elysian Whip and you are given a choice. You can become either a Falcoknight, or a Wyvern Knight. Both are good, and have different skills. So which one to choose?

That's the jist of it. Sorry if I went a bit tl;dr.
Fire Emblem? I recall err... I think I ever play games with title like that, Fire Emblem in Game Boy Advance, is it a story about a tacticians who involved in a war?

The first storyline main character is a heroine named Lin
The second storyline main character is a Hero and I forgot the name,
The third storyline main character friends of 2nd storyline Hero and actually it had almost same storyline with the 2nd storyline...

Am I wrong? actually it's already a half year I think...
Speaking of which, Radiant Dawn is being released in America on the fifth, I believe. Got that one reserved. Japan had it a lot earlier. Apparently the FE9 system is still intact, so it shouldn't be too different from Path of Radiance, if anyone played that one. Which, in my opinion, is the best in the series. Weirdly enough, as Ike has been announced for Brawl, lots of people are playing FE9 just to see where he came from. Almost like Ness in the original.
Fire Boar
Pikokola wrote:
Fire Emblem? I recall err... I think I ever play games with title like that, Fire Emblem in Game Boy Advance, is it a story about a tacticians who involved in a war?

The first storyline main character is a heroine named Lin
The second storyline main character is a Hero and I forgot the name,
The third storyline main character friends of 2nd storyline Hero and actually it had almost same storyline with the 2nd storyline...

Am I wrong? actually it's already a half year I think...

Pretty much. The "intro" section (first 9 chapters) are heroed by Lyn (not Lin). Then you choose between Eliwood and Hector, two different lords (Hector being the superior of the two in sheer awesomeness) to play through the rest of the game, meeting Lyn again later on. Both of their levels are nearly identical, but there are some differences. A bit like FE 8 really, where you choose between your two lords - Erika and Ephraim at chapter 9.

Radiant Dawn... is that the new name for Goddess of Dawn, coming out on the Wii? Apparantly that stars Sothe (the stowaway thief you meet in FE: PoR).
this was one of the few games that i repeatedly played over and over. the stories were all pretty epic >_< it's like, final fantasy plus advance wars

i really wish sword of seals was released in an english edition..
Fire Boar
There's actually a really-hard-to-get rom of the japanese version of Sword of Seals, and a translation patch. Which I found. Wink
Well, I managed to get Radiant Dawn on Tuesday, (I guess they changed the name at some point?) and it's quite a good game. More challenging than the last one, though, by a large margin. At least in the early chapters. Anyway, has anyone else picked this up yet?

And it does have all Path of Radiance characters except Largo, and Sothe is more involved than most.
I played a few, but i didn't like the story line. I just played to kill stuff. Another thing that disappointed me was no 2 player mode for any of the games and (lol) I forgot well it doesn't have a edge to me.
I love fire emblem as well and i've finished every gba one. I also have the remake for 1 for ds but its pretty hard so i haven't finished it yet. .I like Pent from 7. 6 is hard you start with 4 or 5 units and your up against 8-10. The name for Fire Emblem 7 is actually called Blazing Sword its a reference for Durandal (cant spell), just like how 6 is called Sealed Sword.
The one on the gamecube and it's sequel on the wii were amazing. I'm thinking of picking up the DS one soon.
Agree with that. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten around to pick up a DS, so I'm stuck with the GBA ones, which are all pretty terrible compared to the console series.
Last time I picked up my DS and played Fire Emblem, it was an awesome game. But I wasn't very good and my strategies usually got me killed. Its good to know that Turn Based Strategies are still going strong.
I play fe snes,gba,ps1,ps2
I bought the DS Frie Emblem the week it came out, though I have yet to play it. It's among the other games in my backlog that need playing. I tend to put off starting the time consuming games like this game and RPGs.
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