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question about pictures

girls would you have left me if i this happened to you? even after a promise was made? read it first please!
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hi i just got myself into the worst situation... my gf of almost a year broke up with me and during our breakup we were not talking. i was depressed but an old friend of mine (a girl) started talking to me and i was just feeling better and we were talking so much we got into the topic of me and my ex... well long story short i ended up sending her 3 pictures of my ex gf naked... after it happened i regret it now but haven't talked to the girl since and don't think she will let the pictures get out. (i hope) i honestly think the reason i did it was because i wanted attention and hadn't had it ina while. anyways me and my ex got back together and she found the email i sent with the pictures in it. she was so mad but eventually got over it and forgave me because we were broken up but she said it made her feel like a hoar and i'm feeling so bad about it Sad she keeps bringing it up every now and then and wanted to write a nasty note to the girl but said she would just drop it. we are doing ok now but it just doesn't seem the same sometimes. she said this time we got together it was a commitment and she made a promise not to leave again. she says she loves me and i believe her but i know this will linger on for a while at least if not a long time. i love her with all my heart and am glad to have her back. we got back together because the guy she got with after me was still in love with his ex and she didn't want to put up with that and i was so sweet to her and talking to her and just being her friend still because i love her so much we got back together i sat with her on her porch at 5am one morning just talking to her and i asked her back out and like i said we are doing good now but then she found the pictures.. its not like i tried to hide them its just i regretted doing it and didn't want to even think about it myself. has anyone been in this situation and can give me advice......................... thank you so much..
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