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Logging in Problem with Server 1 [poland]

Hi I`ve got problem with server 1.
I can`t see my website, I can`t login t ftp and even cpanel.
My host is
I tried with other provider in my school and it`s works. So i think it`s something wrong with server one.
My friend got hosting from frihost but at Server 2, And i can log in into his ftp and i see site with my IP. But server 1 don`t work for me. Mayeb something blocks my DNS or something, cuz if i use proxy i can see the site. Please do somethign about this.

BTW. yesterday i uploaded some files to ftp, then i disconnected and when i try t log in again at 8-9 p.m i got error at FlashFXP

WinSock 2.0 -- OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
[R] Connecting to -> IP= PORT=21
[R] Connection failed (Connection timed out)

And now i still getting this error, i can`t do anything.
frihost doesn't support ssl
it could be a couple of min downtime and might be back after a couple of min.
rvec wrote:
frihost doesn't support ssl
it could be a couple of min downtime and might be back after a couple of min.

I don`t think so
couple mi.n doesn`t equal to 24h+ Smile

Do something, gimme answer whatever Smile Do it works Smile
Your ip was blocked from the server due to failed login attempts. I removed it now. Please try again.
now site works but i cant login to ftp i got another error.
[R] Connecting to -> IP= PORT=21
[R] Connected to
[R] 220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [TLS] ----------
[R] 220-You are user number 1 of 50 allowed.
[R] 220-Local time is now 12:41. Server port: 21.
[R] 220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
[R] 220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
[R] USER sofly
[R] 331 User sofly OK. Password required
[R] PASS (hidden)
[R] 530 Login authentication failed
[R] Connection failed
[R] Delaying for 120 seconds before reconnect attempt #1
i think you are using the wrong password. That's also the reason you where banned. On ftp you have to use the same password as for directadmin. If you didn't change it you should have a pm with the password.

also please use the
tags when pasting a code.
I`m sure using right password, for 200% sure i changed it few seconds ago to new one and tryed to login again with new password, and got the same error ;/ holly sh1t wtf ;/ ?
I can login to cpanel using this pass, can see the website, can use cpanel file uploader, can enter phpmyadmin and ffs i can`t login into ftp ;/, Can any admin check my ftp server what wrong with it ;/ ?


K so I`m from Poland and it doesn`t works for me. So i asked friend from England/Norwich and he`s got also 530 login error (authentication). I guess it`s something with authentication server ;/
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