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When u guys create websites u use html right?

I was wondering couse i have benn loking for a place to publish my website tho its rather hard tho this looks very promesing Laughing but i can use html here right?
You can use html, or an other internet code that you want here. Frihost is very open, very much like a real payed host.
Hi buddy,

Yes you can surely use Html as coolclay sir has mentioned, besides I would also like to add that frihost is real fun and easy too!. I had made up a website on my desktop(using HTML + javascipt) and serched for free webhosting place, and I came across frihost which was perfect solution.

The file manager is real easy and your uploading process would be completed in just a question of few clicks.

Only thing I felt annoying( I would be happy if any moderator can reply to this) was that we cannot access animated gif from it, I mean we can upload it but while accessing the gif the animations don't come, only stating image would come, is this a flaw or am I doing something wrong here??
animated gif images should work fine as far as I know its just an image file no reason it shouldn't. Maybe something wrong with image itself perhaps?
HTML is the best to start with, if you have photoshop you can make your site in there, use the splicer and export it as HTML, it makes a quick and good looking website. You can then just play around with the HTML it exports until you get the hang of it, and then code it yourself or move on to something like CSS (a must if you're serious about web designing.) My websites usually consist of exported html from photoshop with a touch of CSS and PHP for form handling, didn't take long to learn - just takes practice.
HTML is a very common tool to use when making a website. After you learn HTML, it is best, in my opinion, to learn javascript and then php/mysql. That's the path that I took.
Yup. We do use HTML alright. It is the main basic Web Programming Language around which all other scripts work.

You can use scripts such as JavaScript, PHP, ASP, etc.
HTML is an easy language to learn, you should blast through it
You can get away without having to learn any languages as long as you know how to install a script.
Here are the 7 step to create a website...just to guide you over..

Step 1

Web Design
--- Using HTML or any mark up language will do..
What will your web site look like and what features will it contain? Write it down on paper using a stepwise approach:

* Features List ---define what are the functionality of your website
* Layout & Navigation -- what your website will look like ... You may use ADOBE photoshop for layouting
* Keyword Analysis --- Use keywords that best fit your site and at the same time catching...
* Text --- Text use should be readable... What should be bold and where to put the text..
* Artistic Preference --- Know what will be the great looks of the site with your own creativity

Step 2

Bandwidth & Web Space Requirements Analysis

What will it take in terms of web hosting to accommodate the web design in Step 1? Estimate the host disk space and monthly traffic requirements.

Step 3

Domain Name Registration

Do you need one? Effective domain name selection and domain name registration procedures. Price comparisons. The name should wholly define your website...

Step 4

Web Hosting

Choose a web hosting service that meets your web site design requirements in Step 2. Web host comparisons, criteria driven searches, expert reviews, QA process.

For a good start, Frihost provides great bandwidth and web space ... And most especially, it is absolutely FREE

Step 5

Web Development

Build the web pages. Method depends upon decisions reached in Step 2. Expert guides to coding, testing, validating, uploading, performance concerns.
--- Implementation of all what's in your mind....what's in the plan...

Step 6

Web Site Promotion

Get your web site indexed. Search engine promotion and submission strategies. Proper keyword selection. Search engine ranking and web site optimization rules.

Step 7

Web Site Maintenance

Ongoing web site promotion, traffic analysis, web site performance, links testing, popularity testing, host performance.
These steps were generally excellent, but L would like to learn JOOMLA and I'm wondering if anybody has a Frihost Joomla website.

I'm too busy to do much more learning right now ... getting too old?

I actually came to Frihost to get the free webhosting but haven't used it -- got too busy in my job and would rather blog and read and post comments than do my own website.

A second dream -- a blog that would (almost?) automatically allow me to post a reply on a Forum thread, but put the same reply on my blog. If this was Frihosted website/ blog, I'd be reasonably content to use any pre-defined format. In fact, I care much less for the format than the ideas and content.

I'm also willing to spend Frih $ -- I saw somebody advertising website setup for them, this seems like an excellent investment.

Thanks for any help to any who help.
I'm a normal user that do not have the expertise or time to learn web creation. I just download sample web page (there are lots of free sample page), and use Dreamweaver or such program to modify and look at the HTML or other code generated. This is the fastest way to create a web page and also give us a good way of learning about HTML, CSS or what not.

There are lots of free tools and sites that teach web building and good, pretty web page sample will make our life easier.
I don't have the time to learn HTML either. Now java, xtml etc. are needed too. I use Dreamweaver and still have little time to keep up my site. Too many plug-ins and too little time. If you really want to get fancy you will learn to make your own animations too.

I think you will learn some HTML by default when you are creating using a website creator anyway. That way you can have that program create the basic site and you can use the HTML to modify and make your site better. You can also often use the tools from other sites to make parts of your site.

Finally you can find java tools to allow probably anything you need. You can also search for script that you can add to do what you want. The HTML knowledge will come as you need it. I think that the best way is to get it as you need it. If need be get a book or find a site that you like that will be searchable for what you need.
HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and Flash. I use all of those.
I sure hope I can use html here Very Happy
I taught myself and am learning new things every day about it.
yep, you can use html Very Happy
i use php/html/mysql/javascript

but ive been recently doing, and its really fun to play with.
to make a web site I use xhtml and css. I try to keep it strict xhtml however. For more interactive websites (as apposed to just sites that are pure design) I use php and mysql, and javascript.
seems to me as the answer has been given.

next time ask in web hosting support
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