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Guitar Information

Hello. I am a new guitar player and I was wondering if there was a good site to go to for some guitar information. I ran across something that wanted me to drop tune - tune every string down a semitone. I didn't know what that meant. It would be nice to have a site that tells information about other things too like effects and what knobs do on your amp. I've also seen things like (some thing you can put on your guitar that covers all the strings and you can slide it down/up the neck). So yes, if you know of a good site for what I am looking for.. let me know. Thanks.
There are a lot so sites and information. SO why not tell everyone what you are looking for and we can try to help you.

Like are you looking for tuning, guitar tabs, guitar chords, music, techniques, maybe buying advice? Please pick only 1 thing that you would like to lean and I am sure someone will be happy to answer all, or at least some of your questions.

BTW congratulations on choosing an instrument and learning. It seems like the current trend is going the easy why of not playing anything. Good luck!!!
Ultimate Guitar forum is good for info, and with lots of TABS. Also RockMagic is worth a look.
To tune down a half-step, or semi-tone, tune your 5th string to the 4th fret on the 6th then tune as usual on the fith fret on each string (except the 3rd of course).... When you have reached the 1st string (E) tune the 6th to it by ear-it's not difficult.
The Mitchell
effects wise look around. guitar geek website (cant remember the link but search google) has loads of saved rigs that musicians use. you can find most of your favourite guitarist pedal set ups on there so if there is a certain sound you like by a certain guitarist have a look at what pedals he uses to get that sond. also the thing you are talking about that covers all the strings is either a capo which clamps on to the neck in a certain postition to raise the pitch of the guitar without changing the actual tuning of it. this is good for playing songs in a higher pitch but keeps the same relative tuning throughout the guitar. Or you could be speaking of a slide. this is a metal or glass tude which fits o your finger and slides along the neck whilst playing to create wierd slurs and bends. very reminiscent of blues sort of playing.
fourx has some open tunings used in slide you might two favourites for slide are Open C ( CGCGCE) and Open D (DADF#AD).
GuitarMyLife has a small friendly forum angled toward beginners.
If your are looking for information on guitars, check this link

that will redirect you to many others

I hope it's useful
This is place for you

Great place to start learning guitar and even more advanced techniques and stuff.
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