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McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendys?

Which on is better to you?
 25%  [ 5 ]
Burger King
 45%  [ 9 ]
 30%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 20

Which one do you prefer?
Ehm, what's Wendys? I've never heard of it... :S I don't like BurgeKing, so McDonalds is the one I prefer.
None of them. But if I have to choose, Wendy's. Cause since I have never heard of it it can't be as multi-national as the others...
hmm tough choice. Where i live most burger king burgers tend to be way overcooked and black most of the time. I would go to wendy's as its better but only if ones in the area.
In the UK we used to have a chain called Wimpy's. Named after Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons (the character that used to eat all the burgers). I remember going to Wimpys as a youngster. It was eventually bought out by Burger King in 1989. (The year I left school!!!). So I guess that's why I voted for BK.

I accept that MaccieD's is universal the world over. That is the food in every branch tastes exactly the same the world over. When I had a big mac in Syndey, Australia it was no different than the one in Stockport, UK. BK can be hit and miss. Some stores are really awful, and you would be better going to a backstreet independent. However some stores are spot on, and beat McDonalds easily. I find BK burgers (if done right) actually taste of beef rather than the mush that is in a McD. I also prefer the fries at BK over McD.

However, you do have to find that special branch to go to BK. But when you do, you will never want a McD's again.
Wendys are totaly crap according to me and macdonalds dont have real burgers Laughing so i guess burger king is best Laughing or you just order pizza! Wink and stay home by your computer Cool
What was that?
Did i hear..
NERD Laughing
I rarely eat fast food for years now but last I remember. Wendy's have the best burgers.

Subway's the best. Very healthy and tastes just as great if not better :D
I vote for McD, because they're near my house and their burgers are very cheap.
I goto McDonalds, not because I like Mc Donalds over Burger king or wendys but because in India you will only find Mc Donalds, Pizza hut, or Dominoz. Burger king or wendys are not their in India.

Mc Donald is nice but I think these restaurants really charge too much money(making hole in pocket hence pocket money is not too difficult for them!! Wink) Mc Donald chain has got really popular though in India. In every city you will definity find a Mc Donald in India.

But seriously saying I have not eaten so much in these, but I think after job these places will serve my tummy.

But when Mom cooks so nice what's the need to eat outside?? , haha

McDonald's and Burger King are both horrible, but if I had to pick in a life or death situation I'd go for Burger King. More meat I guess, and McDonald's is just plain nasty. Bad childhood memories haha, one time I nearly died puking from their food. That was like 5 years ago. I don't know about Wendy's, they don't have that here.

The best 'fastfood' joint has been mentioned though: subway. Subway ownz, they have lots of good and healthy stuff.
Of those three I like Wendy's the most, but I don't eat much of it becuase there isn't one near my house. There is a, McDonalds, Burger King and a Carl's Jr. and a many more other places that are around half a mile from my house so I end up eating something from there If i want to eat fast food.
I'm a fat, lazy American.
I spend as much money eating fast food every month as I do buying groceries. As a qualified fast food expert, I would have to say Wendy's is the premium fast food.
The Dollar menu? That's Wendy's. They did that.
Now, Burger King was great when the whopper was $1, but that was before most of you were born, and I haven't been there for a long time.
McDonald's has been running a promotion for a while, offering 42 oz. soft drinks for $.69, but now that they've stopped that Wendy's has my business.
You can get their kid's meal for $2, including a burger, fries, chocolate milk, small frosty, and toy. On top of that you can get a caesar side salad for $1. It's the best spent dollar in fast food, hands down.
Thank you for your attention.


Burger king because their chicken sandwiches are AWESOME.

Lol, I'm praising a sandwich. Laughing
Wow, this is a close one. I've always gone to McDonalds as it is part of a supercenter i visit regularly. I never really go to wendys or bk
I would go for either Burger King or Wendy's; stay away from McDonald's unless it's a last resort, haha. I stopped eating regularly at McDonald's after I read excerpts from Fast Food Nation, but I still eat there (once in a blue moon) if I have to. Burger King is currently my favorite of the three, since there are at least two of them near my home.

I have heard some pretty good things about Wendy's, though; you should give it a try. I just don't eat there since there isn't one near my house. XD
Well, i ahve never had a Wendy's and the Burger Kings are loupiung out here, So I will have to go with McDonalds, even though their chips are always to soggy and salty.
Wendy's out of those three.

Jack and the box and in-n-out didn't make it?
I have chosen Burger King, but I personally prefer KFC! Smile Or Chicken Delite Fast Foods Smile hehe
I'd pick Burger King, although in Australia they're called Hungry Jacks. Macca's (as they're called in Australia) aren't too bad, but man, on a train trip, you cannot beat a Bacon Deluxe. Very Happy

Although, those two would be 3 and 4 on my list, with Subway followed by KFC at one and two.

BTW, in Australia, Wendy's is an ice cream joint. Wink Nice milkshakes I must say.
I don't like fast food much, but I'd have to say out of the three I'd choose Wendy's. They have baked potatoes after all.
Unfortunately, I haven't eaten in any of the three chains and I can say that I have no opinion on this at all...

However, McDonalds does sound interesting!
I'm going to have to go with McDonalds too im afraid

Really, it's those little toys that do it :<
I don't eat junk food often... but if I have to eat something like that ... I prefeer Pizza (and I don't think about Pizza Hut ... i prefeer smaller locals) ... It's bigger, cheaper ... and I think that even taste is better Smile
We also have sphinx ( - english version avalable) in poland - realy good food Smile

If someone will be in Poland and have to eat something - Sphinx will be a good choise ...

In McDonald's I like to go for IceCreams because they have realy good ones Smile
Hmm, 'cause of the fact there isn't even one wendy's restaurant in my country and i don't know how much BK's (none too i guess ^^) i'll have to choose for MacDonalds...

I also like Quick... And Subway, Pizzahut... Smile
Burger King is delicious. Wendy's is amazing, and they have a very nice selection of food and sides, but I can't abandon Burger King. They were... always there for me...

*wipes away tear*

Anyways, the Whopper is God. Bow before it's magical delicious-osity.
Neither one. I cook my own food (and I cook quite well, people say).
I never eat fast food actaully. I always prepare food from home if I'm going to be out for the whole day.
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