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A google video and tears in eyes...

Hi All,

I just watched this video and couldn't stop my tears from flowing. I didn't cry, but kinda silent tears. So I find this thing worth sharing with you my friends.

Please watch and watch it till end:

Please if you are really really sensitive to violence don't watch. It's more emotional rather than open violence.

NOTE: I am not asking any favors for Muslims or for any group or any religion, I am just asking a favor for humanity itself. We all are humans, we all have feelings and we all love our blood relations and we all will have pain if they are burnt or cut right in front of us.
So please feel their sorrow and keep a will in your heart to stop such kind of immoral behavior whenever you get a chance or have power to.

And please no flame on this topic. If you think this post is offensive for any reason, ask the moderator to delete it, but I can't think of any valid reason for it.

Very good movie, but a very one sided movie.
Yes, there is oppression against Islam but just as much oppression as there is against Christianity, and Judaism. I know several people in Muslim dominated countries, and if it where found out that they were Christian, they would be stoned within days. Everyone thinks their religion is better, and until we stop that mentality then the fighting, killing and oppression will continue.

Some Muslims think that Allah calls for the destruction of the west, and believe all countries should be ruled by an Islamic state.

Here is a quote by Abu Saif in an interview with him.

Abu Saif: We have some facts from our creator and one of those facts is that Christians and Jews will hate Muslims. So when I say to you, you hate me, its not because I know you personally, its because the creator of the heaven and earth has already informed me, that the Christians and Jews will never like Islam Muslim.

Humphries: So there is nothing we can do to be friends?

Abu Saif: There is something you can do to be friends. You can become Muslim.
Here is the rest of the interview

Unless we stop that mentality in all religions, then there will never be peace and equality.[/quote]
I know several people in Muslim dominated countries, and if it where found out that they were Christian, they would be stoned within days.

If that's the case then those people cannot be called Muslims. Because according to Islamic laws "Everyone's religion is sacred for him, and it should be respected." & "A person who kills a single person(of any religion), it is as if he killed all humanity, and if a person saves some one from death, then he has saved all humanity"

Unless we stop that mentality in all religions, then there will never be peace and equality.

I totally agree with you, that's the point of my post. Killing for political or religious reasons has no excuse, it's killing and killing of mankind. Sad

And about the comment of Abu Saif, you can ignore it.
I think the problem isnt the mentality in religions. The only reason is pragmatism,it is not new it is only the conflict of benefits.
The meterialist 20. centuries pragmatist desires reasoned this unsatisfacted west consuming societies and uneducated east societies in 21. centuries.
Israel,Usa are becoming dangerous with their unstopabble desires for world and i think all people around world is anxious about that.
Everyone except american minority obez idiota society knows usame bin ladin and saddam huseyin was supported by USA ten years ago and now they re still used for americans benefits.
It is clear that 11 september isnt an islamic assault as they propagandize. Islamic appareance is a mask for to start something in middle east and afghanistan and maybea a consequence of a conflict in USA itself maybee with israel..
There is nothing about terrorism in real Islam except some vehaabi shit and this shit is created by English agents in middle east.Peace
Every thing you just said is ture. I agree with all of this. I hope that other people understand it too
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