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"In Love"and just "Love"

What is the difference between "In Love"and just "Love"? Somebody tell me something.
I don't believe that there is a large difference between the two. My take on it is that "in love with" refers to a deeper passion for the said infatuation than just "loving" it. For instance, to say "I am in love with Edward Norton" is to imply that one's mind is constantly encapsulated by Edward Norton, whereas to say "I love Edward Norton" is to imply that one infatuates over Edward Norton only when one is reminded of him. I wonder what other people think? Eh?
This day in age, that word "love" has been misused so many times that it is ridiculous. When you say something like "I love you" its just describing the bond that you have with a person(s) with a family member or friend. Now you have another word added into the mix: "in". When you say something like "Im in love" that describes the feelings you have towards someone that you admire, not including family members, but a person that has the potential of being more than a friend. Because of that misusage, a lot of people have gotten hurt. So becareful of what you say and how you say it.
Sometimes people say I love you just to get out of trouble with their mate sometimes. Like when the other one is caught in an affair, the one who was caught says "it doesn't mean anything, I don't care about them, I love you, not them". You can love someone and have love for someone, that is what love is. When you are in love, you connect on other levels that you don't feel with someone that you just love. You connect on spiritual, physical and emotional levels and you don't just love someone like that. It's a deeper connection when you are in love than it is when you just love.

Maybe in love means that it's mutual? 'cos you can't really be "in love" with someone unless they love you back, right? And just loving someone could mean that reciprocation is not necessary (in which case it would be unconditional since you don't need them to love you back, but you'll still love them.) I dunno, it's a very confusing question and can be looked at in a lot of contexts.
I think one includes lust.
When someone uses "in love" they make it more personal, whether they are talking about a person, an object or an activity.

"I love football"
"I'm in love with football"

The latter here is just too personal for comfort really, especially if whoever says it means it. The former example though shows an extreme liking for football.

When talking about people's love for each other then I think it depends on context.

"I'm so in love with you"
"I love you so much"

In the case of lovers talking to each other, these will probably be interpreted by the recipient in much the same way these days. However, you can say "I love you so much" to someone you don't truly love but love as a friend - it can also be used as a sarcastic comment. Yet the former comment is likely to only be said by people who have real feelings for each other, again reflecting the more personal side of it. Perhaps the more truthful and more formal side if it therefore?
Wow, I don't think anyone could have really explained it better than ninja there. Smile
I think "in love" is much deeper relationship.
There are many kinds of or different types of love. Here is an interesting fact about the English word love; in the English language there is but one word describing all forms of love; love. In the Persian language there are 50 different words all pertaining to or describing “love!”
Being "in love" shows a comittment and it implies something continuous. It is something you have to work every day at. Just having "love" for someone is important too and it is a feeling that tells you that the person is important and special to you. This is something you feel for family or children, you know, the people that will always be there. With a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend you have to always work on being "in love" because those people don't have to stick with you, they are choosing to. You need to remember that working on love with them is a daily effort but it will have great rewards.
nop... in love like say crushh...but love is truly love along a lasting love.................
Actually your question can have many answer since is not that clear. Like all the previous people that answer you. What i can tell you is diffrent people got diffrent style you cannot even once compare your current boyfriends with your previous boyfriends. I think Most of the guys hate that type of thing ....comparing. What you can do now is try to feel his feeling toward you and if you really love him and you think he is the same, try to accept his weakness ofcoz he also have to do the same. have some nice conversation that want to know how he feel toward you. And tell him what you feel about him must honest for it to work. ok thats all i want to tell lastly don't ever compare. example what will you feel if he compare you with his previous girlfriends is the same he is human also is he?
I think there is a difference in being in love and just love. Love can refer to a friend or a family member, but that doesn't mean that your heart skips everytime you see that person. Love is a deep caring for a person, but being in love is being obsessed with a person and wanting to do absolutely anything to make that person smile. In love also refers to a physical intimacy that can not be experienced with just love.

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my english is not very good. i don't see there is any difference between " in love " or " love ". When you really " love " someone with your true heart, you are " in love " with him/her. Am i right ??
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