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i never see my site in google & yahoo

Now that i finish working my website and i buy new domain , ill try to search in google & yahoo but its nothing there . any advise so that my site will be in search engine . i read all the tips but its confusing . please help me .what im going to do ? i know this topic is quite common but ill really need to be answer clearly ..thnks..
You shold use some free tools for it.
first for google you must use google webmaster tools
if you dont know about it then register a googe account if you dont have. Then go to my account and use google webmaster tools. It is very easy to use and your site will be in google serch engine.

The world's best-known directory. This free listing form may take months to result in a link back to your site, but it is well worth a try.

YOu can also submit your site to dmoz for better result
okey thnks for the info . nothing changes...
Get some links pointing to your site. That will help.
airh3ad wrote:
okey thnks for the info . nothing changes...

Nothing Changes Shocked

You must wait for some time (some days ) to see the effect.
And you must add content to your site so search engine crawls your site.
remember more unique content you put in your site more search result you will get.
Also try to submit your sites in directory.
If you are member of other forums post in other forum.
Try to get more becklink you can.
because google add your site in search engine more if you have good pagerank and to get pagerank you must have backlinks from other sites
atlast i see my site at number 3 page of search engine of google thnks for the help guys ..thnk u..cheers..
edit mega tag and xml or rss feed... correctly.. and submit it into search engines
try to search submit url and there are many results in there... try google , yahoo, msn , ask
Make a sitemap and submit your site & sitemap to search engines such as google, yahoo, msn.
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