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What's the best breakup in a relationship w/o hurt feelings

Is there an easy way to end a relationship and not hurt the other person and how do you end a relationship with someone that you've been with for more than 2yrs? It seems that the longer you've been with someone the harder it is to end it because you've become so familiar with that person and sometimes it's hard to see them not being in your life.

This is how I fee so tell me what you think.
it is hard... but if one party thinks it's not possible it's no use holding on..
Well first of all you seem to really care about this person and you have been together for a longish time.

Before I Start with the secret solution to this problem let me just say, by reading your message you still have alot of love so maybe you should just run everything through your mind and come to terms with what youare really feeling maybe somehow you want to give it another chance.

About the stage you have reached in your relationship statistically allot of relationships hit the rocks at the 2 year point then some also hit it at the 5 year point its just the way us humans work for some strange reason. This 2 year and 5 year type crisis period could be misunderstood as a relationship is bad when its not from personal experience it normally happens for two reasons, 1) one of the parties has developed to the next phase of the relationship faster than the other 2) One becomes to farmiliar with the other leading to neglect or bordem. Both cases can be overcome by talking and sharing feelings.

so my advice is first evaluate the who thing then talk about what is bugging you.
after this point your partner will somehow feel he/she does not fullfill your needs and either change or accept the fact the he/she is doomed, after this point there is a kind of comfort zone in not being surprised and accetance in the fact that he/she does not meet your "cryteria" then phase two would be to have the discussion concerning a break up and both parties have been involved in the process and its less painfull but will still be painfull, I think this is as honest as one can be.

good luck and my wish is that you dont break up ; )

cheers Mic
Well, the first thing that should be done is to make sure that the person understands that you care about this person regardless of what happens between the two of you. Even if that person doesn't accept the outcome, that person won't hold any resentment toward you because you took their feelings in consideration. Then explain the reason you made the decision. The decision itself will determine how the other person will react. So make sure that the reason you made that decision can be related to the other person. And if all goes well, then the other person will understand and move forward with their life.
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