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Do You Give Your Pets Full Names?

I don't but my aunt has two dogs and their names are:
Ezekiel E. Wright
Princess A. Wright

If you give your pets full names what are they and why? Does it make them more like family to give them full names?
No it’s just for the fun of it. And also to screw with people a little. Cool.
Well, I suppose it's just for fun.
Well, our dogs and cats have "full" names, though they are not humanish. Like Paluna's Isa Ylvadotter, or Snadd av Strandbo.
I find full naming pets cool Very Happy My cat's name is Kathy Anne Bloom ...and a friend of mine has a little doggy named Puffy Puff jr Smile)... anyway it's fun too because people make funny faces when they hear their names.
My former teacher who was not given a child, had their pitbull baptized bearing his surname. He love that dog so much, as he trained it and always bring with him on boyscouts' trips. When that dog died, it was even given a funeral rite like a human.

At home we do give names to our pets. We give them funny names.
Nah. Full names for pets doesnt feel so right.

I like to give pets small names. Like.. Max or normal human names..

It goes with pets personality. If pet is cute and small. It might get a special name.

- JaBe
I never have, but my mom did.

She named her dog... Marie Ann Twanette.... or however you spell it. To make a long story short... the dog killed its brothers.

Morale of the story: Do not name your dog after a killer.
My sisters rottweiler has this name: Aisha Bella Steffensen Klementsen.... But we just call her Aisha. =P
Depends on what you mean by a full name.

If "Master Splinter" or "Doctor Messina" counts, then yes! Very Happy
I just assumed the pet's last name would be the same as its owner's...
My dog is just called Stacy nothing more. Her last name is my last name Smile
If you consider your pet a part of your family give them your own last name! Laughing
Shewolf wrote:
Well, I suppose it's just for fun.
Well, our dogs and cats have "full" names, though they are not humanish. Like Paluna's Isa Ylvadotter, or Snadd av Strandbo.

Awesome. That’s all I can really say, but just putting one word would be construed as spam. So awesome, awesome, awesome. No really, way cool.
nop i call my animals just one name no surname lol there animals but yeah sum do usually dogs tho Wink Arrow
It's a nice idea and it's fun, but my dog has one name for now. The question about what should be the last name is interesing. If the dog gets my name her name will be Dorotty G. Belina.
We usually give our dogs full names. The first name is what we call them all the time, the middle is a name that kind of describes what they are like (like "puddles" for a dog who has to go a lot or "shadow" for a dog who follows you around), and the last is our last name. We just call them by their first but it's still fun to give them a full name.
Long multiple word names are only good for registered animals if you plan to bread them.
But, animals need short simple unique sounding names to enhance name recognition.
Both of my animals have one word names.
Hmm i dont they are called:


No full names though i think people that do that are strange Shocked
I give my pets full names. My pekingnese for instance is named Chewbaka Bacath. I have alot of pets and most do have full names.
It seems to make them more of a part of the family.
Get real! It's not like the pet can remember all it's name! So, why should you do that??
XD I never thought about giving pets full names.
Absolutely... my pets have always had long complicated names. Whimsical, and usually silly, but that's just me. Of course, they only know and go by the first name. Or a nickname. I just like long silly names.

Renfield Rex ... is my big old grey teddy bear cat. Renfield, because he eats bugs (Dracula reference). Rex means king. He was a huge muscular brute with no neck in his younger days; but at age 15, he's a shadow of his former self, weighing in at only 18 pounds, and asleep most of the time. Everybody calls him Renren.

Chloe Belinda is my wicked little pretty girl cat. Chloe means "sprout", which is quite appropriate for this particular cat, because she is very small. Belinda means "snake," which is ALSO appropriate, because this tiny, cute little creature has a rather venomous disposition. Unless she feels like being adorable and cuddly, for reasons that she refuses to disclose. She may be a terrorist. Her nicknames are ChloeKins, Ouch! stop biting me! and Get Out Of The Garbage You Horrid Little Beast!

I mentioned in another post having a pet chicken named MaeMae Pennyfeather Chickabitty. I came up with THAT when I was eight years old.

I think making up crazy names is just part of the fun of having pets.
Both of my new puppies have full names.. Spike and Lee Lue but I only call them by their first name though. Its sorta to make them more family because any animals we get we treat them like part of the family =)
Yeah...I give hahahaha Laughing

Is funny give full names. ^^
Sure, hahaha~~~
I am Chinese, therefore my pet also have a Chinese full name as well as English name
Well... my dog has just a one word name! But I guess if you don't mind walking around calling your dog: John Rose Bendly III then it is perfect for you, but for me a cute one word name like, Noodles(my dog Razz ) is the ideal name.
Naw...I've never given my animals an actual full name. Well, with horses, you sort of have to in a sense in regards to registration and whatnot...but I never would actually call them by that name otherwise. Too dorky. Razz
my dogs have just one name, and sometimes when the don`t listen i call them with my last name Wink
Nope but I like to give them long names.
I think it's difficult for the pets to remember their full names, especially if you don't call them with their full names all the time ("Juan Pedro Jorge Gonzales, COME HERE!!") and for me it's useless because of this.
I inherited a cat that already had a fairly long name... Faithful Autumn. She was named after a kid (who's first and middle names were Faithful Autumn).

When I got my second cat, I thought it would be fun to give her a matching name. My wife wanted to call the new cat Hope, so I dubbed her Hopeful Spring.

We usually refer to them as Faith and Hope, but they technically have full (or at least long) names...

- Walkere
My dog came with a long name because she had AKC papers. "Crickette Kabuki Hirtzel." As for what we actually call her:

"Cuddly fluffywuffle head" (only my father uses this one)

You can imagine what our dog looks like.
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