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Do I have to choose ?

I'm in love with two guys. One have everything that I need but he belong to another. The other guy, is there when I need him and give me what i want. What should i do?
which one makes your heart beat more?
Neither. Surely a guy who you really want AND is where you want him/need him will come around someday.

It's unfair for you to settle for someone who doesn't really make you happy and who isn't really what you want. It would also be unfair to him.
first of all no one can love two persons at the same time...
the first one... it is your love let's name him (Tom)
the second one... gave you what you really wanted the other one to give you. lets name him (Mark)

You have emotions that you want to give but couldn't find any receiver but Tom who cares about you... that's why you directed your emotions towards him and made yourself believe that you truly love him while it is not what you really feel. If you got away for some time from Tom... you'll remember no one but Mark...
Girl of course you know the answer already! Go for the one that's availble. You know that the one that is taken is off limits. And think about it, if he leaves his chick to be with you then he may do the same to you if another female comes around. Do what's best. I'm out. Luv ya, it's yo gurl Pellz! Holla! Wink
Even though each guy has a special quality than the other, you will eventually have to make a decision. Some feelings will get hurt but it is better the consciouses when the two guys find out about each other. Then you will be the person feeling the most pain in the situation.
If you don't choose, you will lose BOTH of them. Either way, I think you should leave the guy who "belongs to another" alone... Unless he feels the same way about you. In that case, he's a sleaze for harboring feelings for you and being with someone else and you would deserve better anyway.
Da Rossa
peabody wrote:
I'm in love with two guys. One have everything that I need but he belong to another. The other guy, is there when I need him and give me what i want. What should i do?

And you still ask? What seems to be more obvious? Of course the second. And in my opinion no matter how much the first makes you heartbeat, as you said, he belongs to another.
He belongs to another. That means he either isn't doing anything to hint to you that he likes you which I find somewhat unlikely considering its basically impossible to fall in love with someone that isn't flirting or w/e with you. The other possibility is he is interested in you while involved with another girl which makes him a player that you will regret dating in 2 years if you did ever date him. The second guy sounds like a nice guy that will be there for you and actually respect you although I don't know if you deserve it since it sounds like you are considering trying to steal a guy away from another girl which is backstabing even if you don't know her personally. I'm a guy and I just think NO ONE should try to break apart a couple.
Well, that's a hard situation. I would suggest of course, not to be choose unless you are very certain of it. Maybe get along with them more often inorder to make the right choice. Rushing things might make the situation worst. Wink
you said one guy belonged to someone my opinion...he's off limits.
If you were with him and someone else liked him, how would you feel?
2nd guy...if you don't like him as much or you think you'll be settling for him. wait.

don't settle for someone cause you think you can't do better of you feel the right one for you will not come along...or you think you can't do better. take my advice...don't ever settle.

in the mean time while waiting on the one you want, who'll make your heart flutter every time you see him and who will compliment you and who you're compatible with...prepare yourself...develop yourself into the person he's looking for and would want to be with.
I think you should leave the guy in a relationship alone and wait seeing as your feelings for the other guy are not as strong. Considering how many people are on this earth you will eventually find someone else if mr. taken doesn't become available.
peabody wrote:
I'm in love with two guys. One have everything that I need but he belong to another.

As everyone else said, you should leave someone else's boyfriend alone. Also, if he feels the same way about you as you do about him, why is he still with someone else? Your feelings for him aren't reciprocated, which may be the best reason to stay away from him.

As for the other one, are you sure that you're really in love with him if you're still thinking about the other guy? I do think it's possible to be in love with two people at the same time, but you'd better make sure of your feelings before you get involved with the guy.
I think that what is written for you, will happen! If you are to be with w guy, trust me, the edstiny will show you it's way! About the one that is "always there for you", you should consider him as a very good friend, but nothing more! The "sparkle" doesn't appear after years...
do you really have to choose? Why can't you have both? I think dating two at the same time is super sexy
choose the guy who love you and only you.... of course... do you wanna share the love with somebody else ??? but i think .... how to say.... does it mean love that somebody can provide what you need only ????
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