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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Japanese drama

It's loosely based on the manga, but it just finished airing last month in Japan, apparently. I had been watching/torrenting the SARS subs. (up to 11, haven't found episode 12 yet.)
I've laughed so much while watching this. This is the first Japanese drama I've every seriously watched and I love it. Anyone else seen it here?
The ending was a little disappointing for my girlfriend. But she definitely like the pace of the drama better than the manga. She started reading the manga and got to volume 17 and then stopped because it was just dragging on with no development. =| She thinks she is falling out of love with high school dramas though... Hana Kimi was funny, but it didn't have much substance. Just comedy, a bit of romance, and lots of eye candy for her.
I've not watched yet but if tell it I'll do a try. Drama it's not my best choice but Who knows, maybe I like it.
I haven't finished watching the jdrama nor finished reading the manga. But I might probably be able to finish it now since it's our school break.

i love Toma and Oguri Shun.
The English subs are all over on now. Toma Ikuta is awesome! I'm watching Akihabara@Deep now because he's in it (and of course because the story is all about otaku culture.)
I've read the complete manga, watched the Taiwanese version, and also all of the Japanese one.

In the beginning, I liked the Taiwanese version better because it stuck closer to the original manga. But as both stories progressed, I started to dislike the Taiwanese one, and started to love the Japanese one more and more.

The Taiwanese version:
It started with sticking pretty close to the original manga, then it just got kinda stupid. I am one of those who didn't like the casting of Ella for the role. Don't get me wrong, I like her as a singer, but her acting was way overboard, and just too much to look at, and I seriously didn't feel any chemistry between her and the male leads. =/

It is more of an eye candy otherwise though, the male actors =P

And for the ending, I'm not gonna say much more than: It frigging wasn't an ending. -__- I hate open ended endings that were just made up so they have enough room for a sequel. They way they tried to make it not end made no sense, and was just..awful.

Japanese version:
I didn't like it in the beginning because the male casts looked funny T__T and in attempt to make it a comedy, they seem to have tried too hard so it was a bit annoying (the 3 dorms and stuff). But I guess It all sorta grew on me. Then the funny things and Maki's acting made it better and better.

The ending was kinda disappointing I guess, but since I've read the manga, I was sorta expecting that, not to mention, it is a waaaay better ending than the Taiwanese version.

In conclusion Japanese version > Taiwanese version.

Basically: Ella is a girl who looks like a girly looking guy, where Maki's a girl who looks like a boyish looking girl. Which is what Mizuki's role is supposed to be.
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