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Um... I've noticed that a lot of people spend too much on beauty.
I'm in an exclusive boys school and a lot seem to use expensive gel brands and waxes.
Not only that, most of them even sport expensive shirts and shoes when out so as to make themselves look good. I want to know what could be the causes of these things?

Could it be insecurities? Or showing off for girls / people around? Most probably something else... I'm just wondering...
I am sure it varies by person but insecurities, showing off, etc. probably play a roll for most. I hate to use a term that seems over used but peer pressure probably plays a role too.
advertising, maybe? feeling like/thinking that you aren't a complete person without buying cosmetic devices seems like a good way to get stuff sold to me!
don't do it, lovie. i'm sure you're cute already

I think it is reasonable to try and look your best. The best way to do that is to focus on your health. But it is reasonable to wear clean clothing and take care of your appearance. I think some people get swayed into thinking that the price on the tag is a marker of how good an item of clothing will look. In the same way, people treat the price of the hair product or skin product as a marker of how good it is. We do this for all commercial goods. Smart shoppers can take care of their appearance and dress sharply without spending a lot of money.

But why does appearance matter? You often see someone before you talk to them, so appearance does matter to some extent. It's not about looking like the guy or girl in the magazine, but rather allowing your appearance to reflect positive attributes you possess, whether it be physical fitness or sensibility or creativity. Dirtiness, carelessness, and unhealthiness are not super desirable traits. Why should you send the message through your appearance that those are things that characterize you?

On a very basic level, we should give each and every person the chance to reveal their full personality to us before even beginning to judge them. In fact, we should appreciate every person for their unique experience of the world. But sadly, we don't have the time and most people don't have the patience or sensibility to do so. As a result, you have to reflect who you are through that appearance.

And I think it is worth remembering that nice clothes and hair products can say that you are a clean, sharp person, but they can also sometimes say that you are overly preoccupied with appearance and have misplaced priorities and lack depth. Just the same, jeans and a t-shirt can make it seem like you aren't as successful or are lazy, but they can also say that you are relaxed, fun, and free-spirited. Choose your appearance carefully and hurry to back it up with who you really are inside.
The whole of society is obsessed with appearance. I've noticed it, just by walking down the street and looking at people, a lot of the young people seem to do it more so than others. (for the record, I'm 20, so "young people" equals less than 20). Then again, people my age do it just as much.

I'm not so sure when this started to happen, I'm pretty sure that when I was little it wasn't as much of an issue as it is with kids nowadays... all these little kids are needing their make-up, their fancy namebrand clothes and shoes, and their hair product... I find it greatly unnerving and frankly disturbing. Shouldn't kids be doing something like playing around? Goofing off? Kids shouldn't be this obsessed with looks. Unfortunately this is the result of our culture as Americans (sorry for those that aren't, not trying to exclude anyone!)

The country's trend towards more commercialism and it's great obsession with the way we dress is a terrible thing. I really hate knowing that everyone is wasting their lives on looking good. Why waste money in trying to look like a model? Shouldn't it be more important to be a person worth respecting rather than a person that looks great in their expensive coat? It makes me ill to think about the kids growing up thinking that this is what is important. We are the "me" generation.

The obsession with looks is part of what makes me ashamed to say how old I am, because it makes people look at me different. I'm not a person that spends a lot of time on my appearance. I straighten my hair, and wear contacts, but that's about it. I only wear make-up to work because I look less professional without it. I'm definitely not a slob, I take care of my appearance, but not to the point where it takes me over an hour to get ready to go anywhere.

Honestly, I don't know the why. I'm not sure that anyone really does. Maybe someone that does it will answer this post and be able to explain it to all of us.
Yeah it is definitely that in our society, you are first judged by what you look like. I think none of us can really get away from that factor for judging someone, but we should try to first talk to people and then judge them..
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