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Windows Vista SP1?

Hello everyone!

I know there has been some talk about a Windows Vista service pack that's allegedly due to be released soon. I was just wondering if anyone had any more knowledge on this. When exactly will it be released and what will it impact?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

For SP1 forum on Frihost, look here...

I have listen that the SP1 will be avaible in more or less 10 days Wink

Be careful with installing ServicePack1 for Vista...

Don't want to be the first to install the SP...

The OS isn't very stable right now. Wait for other users to apply the SP first, so you are really sure to do the good thing!!!

What kind of trouble you are running in, you want to install the SP?

Regards, Bart
I think it will be very important to install SP1 for vista as its very unstable and greatly needs the improvment, such as the open gl graphics isnt currently supported by vista. Eitherway im not botherd anyway im sticking with XP till my laptop dies and as laptops only live about 3 years iv got about 1 and a half years till i have to buy a new computer of which i think by then should come with windows vista service pack 2
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