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Would you buy microsoft?

Say it was the early years of microsoft. Bill gates was selling it for say 10,000 dollars. You not knowing that it is going to be a big hit would you think about buying microsoft. Or would you let the deal just flerish away?

Me I would probably buy it myself. I could picture some big thing coming out of it. Something that the would would think is amazing. I would think that it is worth the 10,000 dollars. And I would feel if i where to pay that and lost I would still not be bad.
I'd think it was a scam and hold on to my money. I doubt I'd have wanted to take the risk cause $10,000US is $62,000 in my country Rolling Eyes
You do know ms is successful because of smart leadership and business skills from that of Gates right? Just because you buy it and do no work does not mean it'll be successful.
I wouldn't have bought it, one reason is the money, I don't have it, and I wouldn't have borrowed that amount either to buy something like that, I would have bleived that he was selling because it didn't went very well and also as someone said, it's thanks to great leadership that ms got huge, doubt that I would be able to do the same thing..
No. I'd have believed that computing would be of very little interest to the general public - and that commercial computing would continue to go down the 'mainframe' route with a relatively low number of very large IT centres.
You'd be better off setting up your own rival company. Back then you'd have a chance of competing on a level playing field. Especially when you're equipped with the foreknowledge of what the industry will become. Meaning you could release innovations ahead of MS.
Seeing that it was quite new at that time and didn't have the sort of prestige it has now, I wouldn't even have considered buying it.

Now, what must its worth be? 10,000 Billion US Dollars?
I would have never bought Microsoft in the early pre-1980s.. Most people never even heard of them until the mid 80's. It depends what time period you are talking. In the late 80's it started to become obvious that Microsoft was leading the forefront of the PC world. I probably would have bought them then, but, not in there early days.
unlikely i would buyit, some geeza s selling a copmputer company for 10k, pff, computers will never take of Very Happy

also, didnt he steal it of some other geezert?
I have a company you can buy for $10 000!
During those days, WordPerfect was the leader.... had someone approached me with an investment opportunity to buy into WordPerfect 5.1 (for DOS), I would have begged my parents (I was still an Undergrad) for the money to invest. We really thought that WordPerfect would rule the world.

I heard about Bill Gates at the time, but he wasn't a giant and I wasn't interested in him. But of course, hindsight is 20/20.......

Very Happy

"Question authority; but, raise your hand first". ~A. Dershowitz

To be honest i would be too lazy to bother. I'd rather've spent my money on more worthwhile things than a company. Company would involve work and more of it than i'd be comfortable doing so no i wouldn't bother.
if i had $10,000 in the bank then yes would have invested in buying it. It always had potential even before it become richest company in the world.
No, I would not buy it. I'm not the best businessman out there and I do not think that it would flourish as well with me managing it.
If you buy it, you must be like bill gates in order to let the business boom. But, if you're just an ordinary human, who thinks and walk like everyone else, then, Microsoft will just an ordinary company with little business boom.
If you think you are good at management, then, there's no reason not to buy that, but if not, just forget it.
and lets not forget $10,000 now is nothing to what it was back then.
I would not have bought MicroSoft. If Bill had pitched me to me as an investor, I might have put a thousand into it.
I would not buy Microsoft. Back then, computers were new. They were unknown for most people, and I would not invest in something that I am not completly sure that it would be a success.
I dunno, I can't really give a straight answer when looking at such things in hindsight. I probably wouldn't have, simply because I don't think I would've been visionary enough to do something like this with 10k.
One thing to consider is that if you purchased MS it probably would not have done as well. One of the reasons it is as successful is because of Gates. If someone else were in charge it may not have done as well. Who else would have been as vicious, bold and resourceful as he was.

Yes, he is well known for take overs and pushing people out. That is why MS is as powerful as it is. I am not judging the ethics of the company but rather suggesting that if it weren't for Gates that Microsoft would not be where it is today.
I would probably buy it, think of all the money it would make if I just left it to do it's work! But, if Bill Gates is a crucial factor in it's success, then I would leave him in charge, and I would simply collect all the dough!

In fact, I would make sure that I would improve on the company, like convert the kernel to UNIX, then everybody would love windows, because it would be reliable, and I would make sure I invent the iPod first!
hack_man_ wrote:

In fact, I would make sure that I would improve on the company, like convert the kernel to UNIX, then everybody would love windows, because it would be reliable, and I would make sure I invent the iPod first!

Sounds like "what would you do if you could travel back in time."

If I had been leader of some company I would have think about expanding into IT.

But if I had been average citizen (And if I was on the same place) I wouldn't have chance to buy it.
No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't like a pie in my face, that's why.
I would have purchased it. Being the lazy computer geek that I am, I would think, "Hey, this guy has a company with an OS that I could develop on. I should buy it cuz I'm lazy and dont like to do ANYTHING from scratch. Now where to get the money...... hmm........"
I would have got Bill sued for the first of his stealing programs. He orginally sold DOS before he had even stolen it yet. I really don't know how he got away with half the crap he has pulled, but he is still rolling on. Heres to the guy who has stolen more ideas/program/and other stuff, and sold it for more money, sued the creater for copyright, and still makes the thing craper then the orginal.
I would have bought the company, just because you could already see the IT sector was expending. After a little research on MS you would see there was a lot of potential in MS. Ofcource you need great leadership to run the company, Tho when you do proper research you can come up with enough idea's to make the whole thing make a lot of profit.
Probably not.

on another note: Why doesn't anyone want to compete with M$? start their own Business and make an OS thats easy to use as windows but in no way related to it Confused
I would not buy ANY up-start for $10k. Additionally I don't have that much money available.
achowles wrote:
You'd be better off setting up your own rival company. Back then you'd have a chance of competing on a level playing field. Especially when you're equipped with the foreknowledge of what the industry will become. Meaning you could release innovations ahead of MS.

That has to be one of the best ideas i herd out of this topic. Really intresting idea. That wouldn't have been a bad idea. I could have been there next to windows and mac. Smile
Well, at that time Microsoft had neither made their big break or done anything innovative (they still haven't...) so I would probably let it go.
The company may not be my fav, but it makes money. So yeah!
As you know, Microsoft is the dinosour of O.S market. Even though Linux and some products of third parties are making their shares of the market high... Most of people and companies are still using MS products.... I know it's so hard for everyone to change their softwares..
But i think the price of ms products are so high including windows vista. if it's possible, i tired to buy ms products.... but sometimes it's very difficult to avoid getting their products with very low price or free.. Embarassed
No, I would not buy it.I do not have enough money Laughing
well, microsoft may have become big because of bill gates. I personally don't know If someone else had bought it no one knows if it would have been a success like it is now.
Its a hard question, yes if I knew that it would be as big as it is today.

But saying that no one knew how big they would be...

I dunno! Can't make my mind up Laughing

Let me think...


(Yes, that is a photo of Microsoft in 1978.)

(Bill gates is the geeky-looking guy on the bottom left of the picture.)

Seriously, you'd have to be nuts to invest in that bunch of hippies Razz
lol Hogwarts very funny Laughing
The standing of MS nowadays was based on a business plan made possible by good management and marketing strategies.

My opinion is that any company that have the resources such as stated above can stand out from other companies with same line. I think it depends on the management team itself why Microsoft grown to be successful today.
I've worked for korean company for several years. at that time, illegal using of computer softwares was a big issue in Korea. At first, the company didn't buy MS products even though all computers at the offfice had some Ms products including windows.. but the owner reallized that it could be serious since some people were charged for illegal using. so he bought many windows and ms softwares.
Kitten Kong
Man I miss the days back in the 80s when respectable people could get away with wearing a massive pirate beard. As it stands now even if you are 50+ yrs old it is still hard to get away with.
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