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Mobiles Discos

Just wondering how much people would pay for a mobile disco these days. Just want to know what a fair price would be to charge.

Please be honest
What is mobile disco? Sounds very amusing. Like a discotheque in the back of a van.
Really, you should look up the "mobile disco" on wikipedia, or even type it in google and you will see what it really is.
newso wrote:
Really, you should look up the "mobile disco" on wikipedia, or even type it in google and you will see what it really is.

If you're going to be rude, you should type "mobile disco" into and find out what price they really are.
yeah but it sounded to me like shes taking the P**S too.
it depends which country you're in, which town/region you're in in that country & what the other guys who do it in your area charge.
Unless you can offer something unique to you, you'll pretty much have to go along with the current market value around you.
I want to be cheaper than the current market really. I want to undercut everyone and get more bookings
Aiming to be better than them may be a better isn't always best, and when people are relying on you to entertain them & their guests, you may find they will pay a little more to be re-assured of that.
The above post is right. Also try to offer something different that the others don't offer and how you advertise yourself is important too.
We already offer things that people dont always do. We give out free gifts that make the dance floor look great. 8 inch Glow poles. Flashing dummies, earings and other cool stuff.

We also give away prizes for best dancers and stuff, like champaigne and that.

We offer 25% off if you use us again. We will also match another quote for simular service. We carry 2800+ cds, with music from the 50's right up to the modern hits.

We have over £5000 of professional lighting, and 2000watts of pure sound power.

The question was, how much would you pay for a mobile disco ?
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