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Anyone play Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142?

pretty much it's self-explanatory, any reviews on either game since I've been considering on buying one of the two.
I've played battlefield 2, i still do in fact with friends
There are different 'classes' with each a special role they can fulfill, however, all of them can pewpew of course
I really liked the ranking system and bonus kits as well

Meh i'm just blambing some stuff here, if you're considering, just go buy one Wink
I Have Battlefield 2. The Online Play Is Good, The Single Player Isnt Good At All Though.
dj281 wrote:
I Have Battlefield 2. The Online Play Is Good, The Single Player Isnt Good At All Though.

That's because Battlefield was never meant to be a single player game and should not be rated in that cattegory at all :/

As for the topic, I believe almost everyone have played battlefield, I did too. It's one of the most popular online shooters after all.
I prefer Battlefield 2 over Battlefield 2142. The second one looks and feels strange, I don't like this futuristic feel, seems really fake.
On the other hand Battlefield 2 is so far the best (in my opinnion) part of battlefield games. Shows the modern warfare in all it's glory.
So my recommendation would be Battlefield 2, but if You like laser guns and giant walking robots, better go for BF 2142.

Check these websites for more thorough reviews:
Battlefield 2:;title;0
Battelfield 2142:;title;0
Yeah you should get both game 'IF' you have good internet connetion, as they are sweet multiplayer games. Right now you can get BF2 free from a lot of places, or for $5 bucks if youcan get to Fry's.
Battlefield 2 is awesome. It rocks dude, you gotta buy it. I love playing it. It's like you're totally at war with those game experience. It's really cool and realistic. Specially, if your opponent is a pro gamer. It's very challenging, and the weapons are so original, realistic. It's not like other game which have weapons that were so advanced and impossible.

Playing this game is entertaining, It's the best.
yeah i play it all the time. I have battlefield 2 and the special forces expansion game. Its really good
Yeah, Bf2 is awsome.
Most of my classmates have it, so we play from time to time.
I've got special forces, but i dont really play it, because the only maps you can find are 24/7 Ghost Town or 24/7 Warlord.
Same Bf2... most played map is Strike at Karkand...because its the best map to get points.
Sometimes im really pissed off, when a jet kills me... or when a vehicle hits me^^
But generally its a nice play to kick some asses and to play with your friends.
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