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My Class Blog - Help me out

Mods-I don't know exactly where this post should go so I'll put it here. Move it if necessary.

For my web design class we have these class blogs that we are supposed to write in. My teacher is under the impression that if we write good blogs some random people from around the world are going to come read them. He believes this so much that he plans on grading us on the amount of reads our blog gets and the locations of the hits on our Clustrmaps he had us put in. Personally I don't think many people are going to be reading a class blog no matter what is written in it.
Here<Link Removed because it won't let anyone in> is the post he his going to grade this most on. Help me out by clicking that link and if you have something to say about the topic in the blog post leave a comment there. Keep it on topic and appropriate as my teacher has to read it before it is published to the page.

Post in this forum about what you think about having a class blog and grading it on the amount of hits it gets.
Great idea- it will need a password, though, won't it?
Um yeah..if he thinks lots of people will read this ... hes not the smartest... 1) noone is going to read a random blog, 2... it has a password -_-

But I had to also do a blog once a week in WD class.. I think this should not be forced.. its not right to post things about your life if you dont want the world to see..thats total BS
why wouldn't you just make things up? I know I would.

I moved the topic to the advertising forum.

You could add a link to your signature. And you should really try to get that password away before posting it here.
Wow, I've never gotten that password page before but I'm getting it now. I have no idea how to get around it without being logged on.

The blog is about whatever he makes us write which the post I linked to is about some news story that we were supposed to write. Its never really about personal things so its not too bad. But still the way he is grading it is pretty ridiculous. Now I really have no idea how I am supposed to get a lot of people to read it. Thanks for trying to help me but I guess I will take the blog link down for now since it won't let anyone else in.
No, you're not going to get a lot of visits to a personal blog that just talks about your life. These types of websites are good for friends to read. Kind of like a glorified MySpace/Facebook.

However, that doesn't mean you can't create a blog in your web design class and actually get a decent amount of hits. You just need to make something marketable. What would people search the web for and come to your site to read?

If you're in web design class, write tutorials and informative articles about web design. People are constantly searching for that stuff, and once you get listed in google you'll get a steady (albeit small at first) stream of visitors.

Perhaps that's not what your instructor had in mind, but it's the only way you'll be able to generate some traffic in the course of a few months. So tell him to re-think his assignment...

- Walkere
Nice site with good context. However the site seems to be too wide on the middle part. Header and footer images aren't in same level with the middle part. Nice 3D pictures Wink
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