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chinese movies

do you like chinese movies?
there are not any famous movies which made in china i think ,but i like chinese movies,especially action movies. there are many well-known actors here,like jet li and jacki chan, do you know them?
what kind of chinese movies have you ever seen except action movies?
do you like them?
I like the old Chinese movies that use to come on in the late l80's
You're probably talking about the old fashion movies with the subtitles. Those are my type of movies to watch. Ever since I saw "The legend of the flying guillitiene" and bruce lee's movies, I'm hooked on those movies.
Early 80s movies are better. Show like The Killer, Chow Sing Chi's (Stephen Chow) movies, Chow Yun Fatt's movies, Chinese Ghost Story series, Journey to .... series, etc.

A number of good chinese movies at the time. Action pack with human story.
It depends on which kind of Chinese movie you are talking about. I like these old-fashioned Kung Fu movie like Lee's. But other Chinese movies is just so so.
Wong Kar-Wai films? :p
But I do like "Enter the dragon". It's a classic. hehe
pudovkin wrote:
Wong Kar-Wai films? :p
But I do like "Enter the dragon". It's a classic. hehe

Oh yeah!!! Enter the Dragon is a great film! Bruce Lee is really one of the best martial artists ever! Very Happy
WHen I think of chinese movies. I think about Karate movies. My brother loves karate movies. He would buy stacks of them. I don't mind watching them. BUt it seems like most of the time there the editing is not the best.
those recent Chinese movie isn't very attractive compared to last time...
some of them are nice to watch but most of them are not producing well...
for example, Internal Affairs (Andy Lau and Tony Leong) is a good movie...
In fact, The Departed is actually derived from this Hong Kong movie. Very Happy
I like chinese movie too. Because I am a chinese.
bruce lee, jet li and jackie-chan are great kun-fu actors.
And my favourite movie is HERO,a movie starring with jet-li.
It is a best movie I ever see in chinese movies.
because I feel like a hero when watching it. Wink great!!!
cosmicx wrote:
for example, Internal Affairs (Andy Lau and Tony Leong) is a good movie...
In fact, The Departed is actually derived from this Hong Kong movie. Very Happy

Which is derived from the original "departed" and some could say, the godfather trilogy.

I think we can always expect to see some produced to "present" yet another asian flick to bring to the market and/or remake for the Western audience like they did with the Ring and the latest one, "One Missed Call".

Though I'm surprised that no one has opted to bring "The New Police Story" starring Jackie Chan overseas. Its one of Jackie's darkest film, but still REALLY good to watch... must be because its not focused on humour like one of his latest flicks, Rob-B-Hood.

As for my favourite Chinese flick, I would go with Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master 2" (or The Legend of the Drunken Master as its called here in the US/Canada since the first one wasn't released here).
And my favourite movie is HERO,a movie starring with jet-li.

Hero is a beautiful film. One of the most visually gorgeous films I've ever seen. Crouching Tiger is similar, and even though it has better action, Hero is better visually.

I've never been a huge fan of Kung-Fu movies, except for the great Bruce Lee films. I haven't seen any other films from China aside from the martial arts movies.
enter the dragon is a true legend, lol
How can a Chinese movie forum not talk about "Curse of the Golden Dragon"? That's such a beautifully crafted film, not to mention that Gong Li is nearly the most beautiful woman on the planet.

This movie has something for everyone: it is accessible to North Americans; it addresses Chinese history; there is inter-family fighting; intense drama; love; conflicting loyalties; and great action. The scene where the opposition fighters descend upon the outer castle is pretty much the coolest thing I've seen since "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" changed the way we watched movies.

CTHD is also a beautifully crafted Chinese movie along with Hero.

I don't know if we'd consider Hong Kong action films as Chinese movies - but if we do - then we must include everything that John Woo has produced. Hard Boiled is amazing, and the subtitle to "The Killers" says it all: "One good cop. One bad cop. Ten thousand bullets." - beautiful!
I grew up on Chinese films, especially Jet Li's HK movies. Most of the movies I've seen are action, although I've seen Chow Yun Fat's God of Gambling series and Chinese Ghost Story. Hm.. along with Jet Li, my favorite actor is probably Tony Leung. ^^

Hm. My favorite Chinese movie is probably.. Infernal Affairs, staring Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Andrew Wong, and a host of other people I can't remember. Chapman To was in it, too. The Departed was based on this movie, and.. I prefer IA because it feels more face-paced. This was also the first time I really noticed Tony Leung (since I didn't know his name when I saw Hero). I first saw it airing on TV in Taiwan and liked it so much I bought the DVD.
There are lots of great Chinese movies out there, From action to comedy , to drama and love stories. For comedies try the ones from Stephen Chow, specially his older movies their a riot. For action you can try Jet Li and JAckie Chan.
Flying Daggers is a must see one!

Twisted Evil
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