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Create the Flash Logo (Photoshop Tutorial)

Here’s a half easy, half difficult tutorial to create the Flash Logo inside Photoshop. If you have knowledge of the Pen Tool, then there is no problem, otherwise, No probs! You will need some PS skills to implement it though.

Step 1: Create a new Document, any size.

Step 2: Set your Foreground to #5C5C5C and Background to #222222. Take the Gradient tool and using “Linear Gradient” as the method, drag from top to bottom.

Step 3: Next, take the Elliptical Marquee tool (M) and drag a circle whilst keeping Shift pressed. This will create a perfect circle.

Step 4: Create a new layer. Next, press Shift+F5 to bring up the fill dialog box. In the “Use” option, select Color and give #E21F01 in the ‘#’ Field. Press OK to fill it with that color.

Step 5: Go to Layer > Layer Style > Inner Glow and input the following settings:

Step 6: While the selection is still active, go to Select > Modify > Contract. Now this will depend on the size of your initial circle, but I gave “25” as the value. Just make the selection a bit smaller.

Step 7: Create a new Layer. Fill it with white (Shift+F5). Then, duplicate the newly created layer (Ctrl+J).

Your layer order should be somewhat like this:

Step 8: Now, Deselect the selection (Ctrl+D). Then, take the Elliptical Marquee tool and draw a very large selection, such that it cuts the white circle in such a way as to leave a small crescent at the bottom. You may want to turn off the visibility of the other white circle.

Step 9: Press Delete to clear the white space to leave a tiny crescent. Then reduce the opacity of that layer to about 25%.

Step 10: This is a tricky one. You will have to use the Pen Tool for this. I myself am not that good with the Pen Tool, but the basic idea is to create a curvy shape at the top. I myself have not gotten it perfect but I think it’ll do. After you are done with making a selection using the Pen Tool, just press Ctrl + Shift + i and press delete. Reduce the opacity to 25%.

If you just cannot use the Pen Tool, here’s an alternative:
Step a: Ctrl + Click on the second white circle to bring up the selection.
Step b: Take the Lasso Tool (L). Press Alt and drag from the top left corner, cutting in the middle and then right round from below the circle. Try and make your movement very fluid. Here is a guide for doing the selection.

Step c: Go to Select > Modify > Smooth and give a value of around 10 and continue till the selection becomes smooth.
Step d: Press Ctrl + Shift + i and press delete.
Step e: Change the opacity to around 25%.

Step 11: Type in the “F”. I don’t know the official flash font so you could just cut and paste the ‘f’ from another logo… (I typed in “g” with the Trebuchet MS font as I don't have any use for the Flash Logo)

Step 12: Input the following styles by going to Layer > Layer Style > Start off with Inner Shadow:

Note: for gradient overlay, use Black (#000000) to transparent as the Gradient.

My Final:

Do leave your comments.

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