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Where are you posting from?

Where are you posting from?
My Home Computer
 67%  [ 70 ]
Computer at Work
 6%  [ 7 ]
Friend's Computer
 1%  [ 2 ]
Public Computer (Library, Internet Cafe... etc)
 4%  [ 5 ]
My Trusty Laptop
 18%  [ 19 ]
Total Votes : 103

I'm just curious of where most of us post from. Read the options carefully and answer the poll truthfully please.

Have fun!
Home/Work computer. I am self employed so i use my computer for both work and personal use.
I got fired from my job so home's the only place I'll be posting from for a while...
Did you get fired for using your work computer to post on Frih?
Just kidding lol, couldn't resist. But seriously though, that's a bummer. I hope you get a better one soon.
From my Home Computer..
I always posted from my home computer. In a matter of fact, I do everything on my home computer. Because I don't go to work, but school.
I post from my home computer. I don't work, I don't have a laptop, I don't post from school, and usually, when I go to friends' place, I usually go and post on Frihost. Laughing It's more like Computer games.
Well, as most of us are probably posting from, I'm posting from my home computer; my house. I don't have a laptop, so I have no choice but to use my home computer and even if I did have a portable laptop, I usually enjoy posting on my computer in privacy, at home. It just feels better to me.
Hah from my personal computer. Stuff like this won't fly at work =/
I'm posting from my home computer which is in my music "studio".
Always my home computer! It's the one I'm the most on for personal stuff haha.
home computer right now, but I have time at work to log in & make posts, fortunately.
I chose the last option, but I really don't think trusty is the best way to describe my laptop. More like treacherous, most of the time. Laughing
Home at the moment, but just as often as not it's the work computer. I spend more of my time there than anywhere else.

GOD how depressing is THAT. Sad
i'm posting from my home computer, though i'm in college right now and i live on campus so i don't know if that's technically my "home" computer Razz I'm also on a laptop, but it's all the same really.
My Apple iBook - can't live without -
I generally post from my laptop, but my location determines what I am posting from. If it's at home, it's definitely my laptop; if I am at school, it's normally from my laptop. If I don't have my laptop with me, however, I am posting from a computer from the school library.
My home computer, coz it's what I am in front of 90% of my free time Smile
The rest of time I'm in front of my univ. computer or taking a lecture Very Happy
Take my MacBook everywhere!~
I can't take the poll because i'm posting this from my cell phone. Sad
How come that choice is not on the list?
I am currently postting from my wife's grandfather's pc since i just moved to this town yesterday and havent gotten my internet or cable set up yet.
I'm always posting from my personal pc. I never use or read forums i'm in on others computers.
I always post from home. When I am at work, I am being paid to do a job not play on the internet.
I only use my laptop really as I travel about a lot and my only internet connection is through my mobile phone (HSDPA), or loggiing onto my University wireless network. Works for me! Smile
I voted for the Public Computer option as I'm doing this from my local library. However 90% of the time I use my home computer. I wish there was an option in the polls to vote for two, Sort of like the way that you vote in an election Confused.
i veted my home computer. but sometimes i can post from public computers but i am worried with the percent of the public computers...(so low) is it dangerous?
I'm posting from my home computer.. Never ever anywhere else.
I normally post from my home computer, very rarely I post from my school.
I never post from my work because I'm not allowed to visit not work related websites....
Posting from my laptop... I rarely use the home computer. It pretty much belongs to my little brother now.
Unsecured connection/
I post from my laptop... It's easy!

I can post when I'm sitting behind my desk, I can post when I'm lying under my bed (err... yeah), and I can post... Well, I can post from every possible location... as long as it is inside my house.
From my trusty labtop. I been using quite a lot since I bought it, I use like if it a server or something lol.
Hard core labtop too, didn't die on me when I left it on for a week. Shocked
Laying on the floor.
Laptop at my elbows.
In front of the sofa.
TV on.
Aspen Hills apartments.
Salt Lake County.
United States.
North America.
Planet Earth.
Milky Way Galaxy.
The Universe.

Love, Uwe
usually post from my home computer but right now im in bed posting from my ipod touch, love this thing!
From my trusty home/work computer! Very Happy
From my work desk at home. Try to find time to post something but sometime too busy.
My home laptop is what I'm posting from Very Happy
I always post from home. I don't have a laptop... yet :p
Always post from my home computer. I think i might've once posted from a friends house but almost all the time its home computer and occassionally college/school.
i usually post from my families only computer, but sometimes i'll use the wii's internet browser if someone else is hogging the computer.
raine dragon
from my desk top at 'home'. I put home in quotes because it's just my dorm. home is my house back in MD, which is where I dragged this poor desktop from XD
Off my gaming rig. As I spent just a little more than the Xbox owners I get a much gaming experance, but I can post on Firhost. Isn't life just great?
i am posting from the office computer
From my laptop, which I use at the office and at home.
I would like posting where I could it... Usually using my personal computer at home but some times at a library of my university.
I post 100% from my Home/Computer, I have a laptop but I hardly use it. Much rather a desktop pc.
I am posting from my home PC.
Home of course, friends would kill me if i did it from theirs and...well, who goes out nowadays Rolling Eyes
My home computer.
at home via a dial-up connection... very arduous task indeed!
I'm currently at school so I chose Public Computer... since it best fit. Anyway I get done with all my work so I just sit here and post away on FriHost! Smile
I post from work, both jobs and home. I have a laptop put never really post from it.
right now my laptop in my comfy bed Very Happy i love this thing
I only post from my own computer. Somethimes if I'm away for too long I find a computer and post from there so I can keep my host account.
I have 99% of the time posted from my home PC, and currently this truty thing is the only thing I use.

In the past I have used public PCs ie cybercafes when I was out and when this baby was down
Sitting here on my laptop, the only place that I do post here from
Home computer generally, though I'll use my mom's laptop occasionally.
My Home Computer ( but i didn't bought it ) Surprised
I post from college, home pc, and my notebook. Computers are fun!
Utopia GFR

I do my Frihosting purposes on my laptop Smile

Posting on Frihost requires some time and having your mind at ease so I prefer doing that when my time management allows me to do so Smile

When I joined the community, I had no more desktop computer (since that one was my good old P2 MMX, lol) but it did last to something like january 2005 Very Happy

I find if funny to qualify laptops in this topic as "trusty" material devices, I mean, laptops are small-sized home computers and that's the bottom line.

Instead of qualifying computers as being trusty or not, I would return it to the users who can make any time the so-called "human mistake" thing, crashing down systems, infecting networks with viruses and so on...

It's all a question of looking after your material and making sure that you know exactly what you're doing Smile
Almost always I post from my MacBook Pro, if I'm not, well then it could be my dell stationar, or my toshiba laptop, but almost always from my mbp..
usually i post here at home, when i get nothing to do on sunday. But sometimes i also post in my working place, when i have nothing to do too.......haha.
My home computer
My computer at home... Sometimes I go online (not here though) at school, but other than those two locations, that's it.
Home computer, which is pretty much the only computer I use to post here on Frihost (though I've used the ones from an Internet Cafe before). The laptop is usually reserved for my mother, so...
posting from home, but i've posted from college and work many times...
I post from my home computer wich happens to be my computer at work too (I work from home). Very Happy
Most of the time I post from my home computer (I don't have a laptop). Then sometimes I also post from the computers of my college where my friends are always asking : "What are you doing?".

Sometimes (rarely) I post from Internet Cafes.
I am at my home computer and usually I use it at saturdays and sundays. I have a room to work at my two computers, but usually my son uses the other computer to play games. I work and use internet in this one.

That΄s all.
I post from many different places.

Home - Main post location
Grandparents house - Mostly on the weekends to help them shop and clean house
Cafe - Only because my neighbor owns it Very Happy & I clean dishes when I stop by.
newso wrote:
Home/Work computer. I am self employed so i use my computer for both work and personal use.

on my work dude
My home computer dear and believe me it's trusty too!! [Smile]. Almost 90%+ time when I surf, it's got to be my home computer.

And rest of the time I surf then I "TRY TO" surf from my college computers. Although It's said to be equipped with internet facilities(college computers) but it's just merely for saying the speed we get in college labs is very pathetic, almost good at some times and not present on other times.

But almost never post from public computers, public computers always have a chance of keyloggers installed, and I never waste money by using cybercafes they are too expensive.

And my friends are all misers, not much have enough money to get a internet connection installed.

And for the rest of the two options, I've not got a job yet and papa's not very generous to get me a lappy!! [Very Happy].
Most usually from home, but from college in the near future.
newso wrote:
Home/Work computer. I am self employed so i use my computer for both work and personal use.

Same here. [Smile]
I am self employed in my cyber cafe. I do most of my Internet works in my cyber cafe.

Vote:- At work.
I'm always posting from my home computer..
Posting from my work location......

its 50-50 chance for work location and home computer
student on a laptop alert!! ;D
Mostly from my home computer, sometimes from my laptop...
Posting from work... well, if I had a desk-job that would propablly be my answer, but as for now I haven't. We don't
even get to use the computers, though years of trying to convince the employer that it's a modern way of communication
that will make things easier. Laughing
Im posting from home Smile i dont go to work so i dont post there, and at school all the good sites are blocked so i cant post from there. lol.
My home desktop
Right now, it's my family's desktop PC, which happens to be at home. That's my main environment when it comes to using the Internet.
My computer at work, it's the only way i have to browse the WWW.
Usually, I'm posting at my home computer... but I'm in a computer lab at a university Laughing
Wow, only one person is posting from their friends computer... I guess its a sign that Frihost isn't full of moochers.
i am a student.i surf the net from home computer so obviously i am posting from home itself Wink .My school does not provide access to the internet for students as its not needed. Razz
I'm live in London but I'm from japan. The reason why I'm staying in London
because of my job.. I have my wife and my sons in Japan.. really sad.
But I'm going to meet them next week so I'm kind of very exciting Very Happy
my home computer
Zombie wrote:
I'm just curious of where most of us post from. Read the options carefully and answer the poll truthfully please.

Have fun!

[quote="gerly20"] I am posting from my computer at school. I am attending ECPI College of Technology in Columbia, South Carolina.
utsav2707 wrote:
i am a student.i surf the net from home computer so obviously i am posting from home itself Wink .My school does not provide access to the internet for students as its not needed. Razz

[quote=gerly20"]It is too bad that your school does not provide internet service for its students. Sad
Right no at this very moment, i am posting from my home computer. However, i often get on from work, friends houses, family's computers internet cafes etc. I post on this site from all over the place but mostly from my home when i have leisure time so that i can browse the forums a bit and post in interesting articles and join in conversations and whatnot.
i use my home computer.
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