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Uninstalling Ubuntu v7.04

i have Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Ubuntu v7.04 installed in my pc.the partition ubuntu was in,i formatted that partition to uninstall the OS.but now when i turn on my pc,i get an error message:

GRUB Loading 1.5

GRUB Loading, please wait...
Error 17

how can i get rid of this?
riyadh wrote:

how can i get rid of this?

delete contents in ur master boot record.

Do this by Booting from Windows CD (2000/xp/vista), enter the recovery console and type fixmbr.
i entered the recovery go further i need to enter the adminstrator password.the problem i'm the only user of the pc and i have no wat is the admin password?
For Windows, the administrator password is entered when you first set up the computer and install windows during setup.

So, it's likely you've forgotten it or it's the same as your user password or, if you bought the computer with Windows on, something entirely random. Often it's just left blank though so you might want to try that.

If you can't guess it then you can use a Linux live cd to overwrite it:

Make sure you read the warnings before you use it.
riyadh wrote:
i entered the recovery go further i need to enter the adminstrator password.the problem i'm the only user of the pc and i have no wat is the admin password?

Like AftershockVibe said, its what u typed in when you first setup windows xp.

Its either nothing as in just press enter or, you may hav done automatic logon to avoid the password even tho ur admin did have a password (notice: if this happened then after locking, suspending, hibernating machine on winxp, the password would have been asked).

9 times out of 10 if u dont have a password, just press enter.

You can try the Linux LiveCD as AftershockVibe stated, but personally ive never tried that method, and my method is just typing one command in after you got passed the password stage.
I'm curious as to why you would want to uninstall Ubuntu, but either way. Try THIS to reinstall the Windows MBR so Windows Boots Automatically.

Good Luck.
You can't really "uninstall" an operating system in the same sense that you would uninstall an application, so the title is perhaps misleading.

You'd be better to ask this question over at the Ubuntu forums ( or Linux Questions ( If you're thinking of installing Ubuntu at the minute, you might actually be better to wait a month or so for the next release which IIRC is supposed to be due this month.
Check my signature, for the release of Ubuntu 7.10 Wink
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