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MI Government Shutting Down

According to the Michigan State Constitution, a budget must be approved by each fiscal year. The MI fiscal year extends from October 1 to October 1 of each year. Well, tomorrow is the last day of September, meaning the budget is supposed to have been approved by Monday.

It has not been.

The House and Senate have been in session all weekend, but nobody can seem to come to an agreement.

So, starting Monday, all "non-essential government institutions" are officially shut down. The head-turner for me is that the MI Secretary of State is closed indefinately.

There is enough money for now, but if a budget is not approved soon, it could mean more closures ... even public school closures.

Michigan's economy is already in total disarray, so cutting the people who work for the government's salaries is sure to only worsen things.

this happens all the time around budget time. they'll be up and running soon enough
raine dragon
so... why did they not make a new one? I mean they had a whole year o___o;;;
The wonders of bureaucracy never cease to amaze me. Rolling Eyes

Did they actually think that closing down institutions is going to improve the economy? The fact that it could extend to vital services is a pretty appealing state of affairs.
Politics is more important than life. At least that's what politicians seem to think. If they can't produce a budget on time then they would not last very long in private industry.
Soulfire wrote:
Michigan's economy is already in total disarray, so cutting the people who work for the government's salaries is sure to only worsen things.

Especially when you consider these people will start collecting unemployment compensation which the state government pays out (can you say "paid extra vacation time").
You have to love the fact that our elected officials don't care about anyone but themselves. I don't care whether it state, national or local level. They will tell us whatever we need to hear to get elected then work strictly for their own benefit only once they are elected.
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