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Getting files from a harddrive on a different computer?

Is it possible to get files (programs to be exact) from a different computers Hard Drive? I have tried Network Drive, and it didn't work.

I have a modem, and both computers connect to the SAME modem.

Anybody know how I can do this? Thanks!
We'll need more info to answer that question. Is the other computer in a different location? Is it part of a home network? Do you want to download the file from the other computer? Or, do you want to run an executable file from another computer? Let us know.
I am not one computer "whiz". But, here is some information:

"Is the other computer in a different location?"
It is in the same home, connected to the same modem (the OTHER computer is right beside me)

"Is it part of a home network?"
To be honest, I don't know what that is... :S

"Do you want to download the file from the other computer? Or, do you want to run an executable file from another computer?"
A bit of both. I just really want to be able to access my Flash CS3 (that is installed on the other computer) on this computer. I also want to be able to save my work on that computer, and be able to view it (on a website or something) on this computer.

Also, I have a friend who is very smart in computer networking. He was able to set up a VPN on the other computer, and I AM able to connect to it, the problem is... it slows my internet down a lot, and it is not very fast.

I hope you can understand better. Thanks.
A VPN is only usefull to connect to a remote computer when your not at home or in the office, otherwise its useless. It's merely a secure means of sharing files on a PC when you cannot physically access it. For example I have a dozen PC's at work I use on a daily basis in my office. When I am hope i can share files with anyone of them by connecting with my VPN and more. If you want to share files between the computer then you want to buy a router which can cost as little as 40bucks or so from a Walmart or similar. Basically all that entails connecting a network cable from each computer to the router and plugging the router in to the wall (AC). most routers such as Linksys have a one button setup feature which does all the rest for you, can't get any easier. This will let you share files and even run programs on one PC that are installed on your other. PLUS it will be a million times faster than what your doing now.
There's a program called PowerFolders which works great, I've tried it myself. Just install it on both computers and start using it!
You can get it here.
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