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How to approach someone whom you know nothing about?

Alright, so I've been eying this girl for quite some time now, but I've never built up the courage to talk to her. I know nothing about her except that shes a sophomore, and I think shes really pretty. It'd be a cool experience to get to know her a little better, but, how do I go about doing this out of the blue?
I think the best thing that you can do for now is to find one of her friends and talk to him/her and ask questions. That way, you should be able to know the basic stuff about the girl that you really want to approach. Also, it would be better if you already know her name in advance before you talk to her. I hope that helps. Wink
i know the best way for a guy to approach me is for him to just come up to me with a smile and just say "hi how are you" followed by a nice compliment. a guy usually follows with "you have a beautiful smile" and that's enough to bring me to a smile lol. as for after that, it depends on how are you with conversations.
Yeah, I agree with the above. Not that I have experience as a girl Smile . Here's a few tips I used to use:

1. If you are in one of her classes and you sit near her, drop your pen by her and let her pick it up. Then thank her and go from there.
2. If you're not, try joining some of the clubs, etc. that she's in. That way you'll be around each other a lot and get more chances to talk.
3. If neither of those work for you, try to come up with a corny line and just go up to her and say it. Don't be too perverted and make her think you're a creep and try to compliment her on something.Most girls actually like corniness if you say it right.

Other than that, just get the courage to talk to her or send her a message on MySpace. If you think she'll be worth it down the road, it's worth trying now.

God bless Cool ,
haha some guys actually got me from their corniness so it DOES work on certain girls! ^_^
If you have no wingmen that could introduce you to her, the best way is just to approach her. You've got nothing to lose really. Its better to live knowing if theres any future between you two than live wondering in the middle of the sea not knowing what will ever happen.
I always start by saying hi. Then, followed by, what's going on. I'm sure you could think of something to talk about after her replies.
Everything starts with a hello, approach to her and be kind. It would be useful to find out about her interests, likes and dislikes. But if you don't know a friend of her, you'll have to do all the research by you own.

Good luck.
It's ok for you to just walk up to her. Be nice, start by saying hi, with a smile.You say she'd pretty then compliment her, you can add some joke to get her to smile then compliment her more.

Tell her the truth, which is yuu've been admiring her for a while see what she says and ask tobe her friend.
Also dont forget, watch your body language. Most guys that approach a stranger get rejected because they were nervous and shown an unpleasant body language. So make sure you are in a relaxed state of mind.

Just a hint : Most guys when they see a girl they have a crush on, they would usually think how fkn beatiful she is. But don't do this, found her weakness (flat-chested, funny nose, etc) and remind yourself of this, trust me this helps a lot on building your confidence.

Also most importantly don't be boring, especially if you are hitting up a popular girls in ur social circle. Don't be too nice, be the best of yourself. Trust me girl actually do get bored easily if you just treat her like another mr.super nice guy, especially hot girls, they fkn sick of it, because I can guarantee you a lot of guys who approach her, can be arguably said 90% will act on that way.

Ever wonder sometimes why hot girls like bad boys ?? It is not because they are macho, it is because they drive the women emotionally. Women think more with their emotion than their logic, unlike us men whos thinking is heavily based on logical reasoning.

All the best mate !
How about getting her number and mistakenly sending her an sms. Like say her name's Ashley Cole, send her a message but remember the Ashley you want to catch is NOT the one you're smsin. You actually want to catch the non existant Ashley Olsen. Snd something like -

Hey Ash i kept my word, i found you!

C'd probably go lik - who the hell are you.

From now on just say something flirty but make sure its not too flirty to suggest something other than good friendship with Ashley Olsen. Keep the charade on sending ambiguous msgs with would mean the same to ALL the Ashleys in the world lik - Isn't the French Revolution really interesting? Wink Or improvise here!

After you have had her intrigued enough send a msg that would make her go - huh? And then you go - Aren't you Ashley Olsen? C goes - NO. Ashley Cole.
Then you be all apologetic but add - Don't i know you from school and stuff. Continue from there. Construct a story about the proverbial non existant Ashley and your quest for her no but make sure you don't imply anything other than superficial friendship so dat Ms Cole doesn't get offended. Play your part right and bring it home!

I know the thing i suggested is mighty complicated but i swear it worked for my brother. He did confess to his GF later on and had a good laugh about the whole process to get her.

Well, gud luck then!
JAmadeus....did you talk to her? Common keep us up to date!

As a lot of the others said...just smile and say hi.

As a woman I'd prefer if a guy says hi to me rather than send his friend Wink
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