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How to make a decent forum.

-Firstly, come on, use a decent forum system. Visitors to forums hate advertisements. The best way to guarantee no ads is to host it yourself. Thereís loads of free web hosts out there- thereís loads of free forum software, too. So, come on! It doesnít take much energy to find a good host and upload some files. I think the two best forum softwares to use are SMF( and phpBB(

-Secondly, if anybody is actually reading the topic with the link to your forum in, they must be dedicated to this one, and not many people are dedicated to loads of forums, so watch out. If you donít get many people joining, donít cry (like me), just accept the fact that it needs a bit of work.

-When someone goes on your forum, they need to be attracted to it. You know, cool features, a decent layout, well that sort of stuff. Also, CHANGE THE LAYOUT!!! People donít like the default skin. Change it to match your siteís theme! E.g. if itís a forum about religious things, you donít have a black theme and loads of pictures of blood and gore. You need it to match what your forumís about.

-OK, to make a forum you need a basic idea. Whatís your forum going to be about? Is it an RPG? Who are you aiming it at? You need to think out these things before you even think about registering your forum.

-Your forum needs to be well organised. You donít need 2,445,513 different boards. People arenít going to want to take a paracetamol every 10 minutes because theyíve got a headache from trying to figure out which board to post in. Organise them!!!

-Donít be an idiot and give out staff positions to ďthe first 5 people to joinĒ your forum. It just makes it look crap. Which it is! So donít do it! Let them work for staff places! Donít give them away!

-Your forum is unoriginal, with twenty million other forums exactly like yours why should anyone pick yours?

-Your rules are completely pointless or you have none.
Here is a tip I would add:

First create something good - then when you have loads of visitors concider creating a community message board aka forum. Don't just start a forum for the hell of it - there are WAY to many of those already.
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