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Anti-swastika Craze

With the advent of Google Maps and the like, many people started to look for unusual images. One such unusual image is that of a US Navy building in San Diego, California.

This building happens (or not) to have a swastika profile. See very good images here.

Many idiots have sent complaint letters because it looks like a swastika when viewed from the air. As a result, US Navy will spend $600,000 in landscaping and new structures to break up the pattern in order to eliminate complaints over it. Google news

Check this Wikipedia entry about swastika with many illustrations.

Swastika is a beautiful symbol with a very long history all over the world especially in Asia. This symbol was chosen (not created) by Hitler for Nazi flags, etc. To ban/object to abstract symbols because some criminals/madmen happened to use them is UTMOST STUPIDITY.
The problem with symbols is that they represent whatever you believe they represent.

I admit I had no idea that the symbol had meaning before its use by the german Nazi party. The problem is that in the Western world that is the strongest link to the swastika symbol. People have been told time and time again over ~60 years that Swastika = Nazi and no amount of education is ever going to remove the association.

I do agree that the re-landscaping of that building is silly though. It's a building that just happens to be build in that particular pattern with an unfortunately regular shapes. There will be hundreds, if not thousands, of building which are arranged in the same layout. Granted they probably won't all be so regular.

Actually, what this reminds me of is the adverts for the UK TV channel Channel 4 where they use a moving camera around various everyday stationary objects until it creates a "4" from its position. It's quite clever and shows how dramatically the appearance of things can change when you change perspective. (link)
ppl take it to the extremes i think in terms of trying to limit offence especially when the Jewish race is conerned, no offence or anything.

Indeed nazis simply used the swastika from the iranians (where the true aryan race, ie. the one that put an end to slavery started), which I think was borrowed from the Indians or perhaps vice versa.

But anyhow like AftershockVibe says, 60 years and the good of the symbol has been lost. It is now associated with evil.

But how the heck can u try to make everything and anything not to look like the swastika is plain ridiculous. I mean,, its a common pattern anyone can make with no unique attributes.

However, having said that, conspirators would hav been happy if by mistake these symbols led the foundations for Bush's home to rothschilds home or anyone elses,,, gives them a story to tell even if the building was like the swastika by complete mistake.
The Nazi Swastika is different from the Asian Swastika, in that the Nazi's is at an angle. Perverted.

I agree though, that common sense doesn't seem to be prevailing.
LumberJack wrote:
The Nazi Swastika is different from the Asian Swastika, in that the Nazi's is at an angle. Perverted.

The Nazi swastika is just a particular type of swastika: right-facing square type, tilted 45 degrees, black in a white disk, all on a red background. This does not mean it is different or "perverted". It's still the same abstract symbol: a cross with bent arms.

In this particular case, the image as viewed on Google Maps (North-South axis) has a 45 degrees tilt similar to Nazi swastika. But it's a "regular" swastika viewed in relation to the streets and the general plan of the base.

For conspiracy folks, 2 buildings from the south look like planes going to bomb the swastika. Smile

all 3 buildings on Google Maps

PS: If you enlarge the image you can see it's not so similar to a swastika: only arms no center, many "details".
While Nazi Germany is certainly nothing good, to spend $600,000 because of how a building looks is just rediculous. Our economy sucks, and I'm sure that $600,000 could go to something much, much better than landscaping.
I see no problem with the building's shape. It's just a shape.
Swastika is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and all good.
Whatever the swastika was (and I'm well aware of its history) it's now just a symbol of evil to most. In the West at least. Maybe in time it will reclaim its true meaning. In like a century from now. Razz
Many stuff is there on the internet related to "Swastika".It is a symbol of peace and happiness.
Bru, stuffce
My God! Don't people have anything better to do with their lives than spotting not very close representations of abstract symbols on maps and satellite photos?
One wonders, though, did the person who designed the building realize the shape he was making? It doesn't look like a pre-WWII building, but it might be hard to tell from the air.
I've read about the swastika having good connotations before the Nazis got hold of it. The pentagram is another example of a good symbol with a ruined reputation. It used to be a symbol of protection against evil, and was even in Morte d'Aurthur as being on Gawain's shield as a symbol of virtue and the five wounds of Christ. Wiccans use it as a symbol of our religion, and it's been a magical symbol for a vary long time, but thanks to Anton LeVey and his ilk people nowadays tend to see it as a symbol of Satanism and associate it with evil.
The modern Neo-Pagan movement is trying very hard to reclaim the symbol and to educate people about it's positive meanings, but I think a similar effort for the swastika would be a very difficult uphill battle.
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