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Missing Girls news

I'm so disappointed in whats happening to the world today. Injustice to helpless children . They were raped, molested and tortured and killed brutally. Shouldnt we take care of them, shield them from harm. News from my own country, Nurin Jazlin was kidnapped and tortured and killed brutally. Her dead body was put in a bag. She was missing for 21 days.-Never given any food from the autopsy report, swollen eyes . Her intestines raptured because the culprit shoved inside her body with cucumber till she bleed inside. She also suffered from broken neck, broken spine. Long time ago there was one unfortunate child victim-Nurul Huda. Her story is so sad and she was gang raped.
News from few days back, just imagine 10 year boy molest a five year old girl.

All these molester, pervert, rapist should be electrocuted or face death penalty.

And now another missing girl Madeleine McCann. Hope she returns to her family soon.
There are really are some sick people on our globe. What can be done? When the victims are found the molesters are already far gone. Some cases take 20 years to solve. Most of the cases will never be solved.
i heard many girls lost, and recently my friend's friend lost with no any sign. she just like suddenly disappear from the world and until now also can't find her. i'm wondering where she is... i'm very pity to her and her family. what kind of the people they are, those who kidnapped them and what did they did to her?? even body also can't find...
It's been said before, but there are a lot of sick people out there. Regardless of your feelings towards another person, the very idea that one human could do such a thing to another human is utterly disgusting.
Those are terrible things indeed. And it happens to boys as well, by the way.
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