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SP1 for Vista

There are a lot of problems with Vista, and the Service Pack 1 is waited, nobody known when it will be avaible?

Arrow What will be the big modifications with it?
Arrow Do you have problems with Vista?
dont like vista when i first install it was so hurobol that i had to unstall it right away =\
soryy for my english XD
It will probably be out soon, just like xpsp1 was released a little after the original xp release (again due to all the bugs)
Hehe, macrosoft users are always made to wait for those promised security and stability patches.
Thanks God i never tried vista, xp is good and linux is better and i have both Smile
I'm ready for the service pack. I'm not sure if it's just my computer or if it's all of them, but the window's media player is totally screwed up. It plays much softer than all the other media players, it has a little "crinkly" sound at the end of every song, and when you exit out, it still plays the sound. If more programs were compatible, it would be nice, as well.
im running the sp1 beta it has some great features fixes some great fixes with alot of software we can use.. one big reason i got was b/c the fix with vb it had WEWT .. for info!
hello buddies,

you can get a detailed bugfixes and enhancement in Vsiat SP1.

by visiting this link.
Very Happy
I bought my laptop right before Vista came out, payed for the Home Premium upgrade (only $50). I was so excited. I was hoping that Vista would be great... sure I knew there were compatibility problems, XP had them too! So a week after Vista was launched I had it. So many crappy drivers that really half-assed functionality, it really upset me. Over time new drivers fixed a lot of problems but there are still quirks that shouldn't be for an OS that's been released for almost a year!

I had strange audio problems forever, playing music would slow my pc down to a crawl, that was fixed after about a month or so. I still have issues with audio delaying during initialization, and the crackling sound (mines when I go to battery though). The worse is trying to watch video on battery, the thing skips like none other. A few hotfixes made things a bit speedier (and usable). I just can't wait till the magical SP1 lands and cures most (if not all) my problems.
jjpriest25 wrote:
and when you exit out, it still plays the sound.

Lolll.. i use to get that on Windows media player 9... didn't know they still have that... i have wmp11 now,,, but i never use it.

I use VLC,,, and if u know the shortcut keys like: f, space, CTRL + ARROW,, etc etc,, it gives cinema viewing Smile mind u,, its also good for music too, with its playlist and stuff
I read an article on a online Norwegian Technology "Newspaper".
Window Vista Service Pack 1 has now been released on English and a few other languages (hasn't it?)

Anyways, for other languages, it takes a few more months before Microsoft releases the official verision of SP1.

This article, however, stated that these version of SP1 are already completed, and that it now just takes some time before it go out to public. Furthermore, it describes how you can download Service Pack 1 already without having to wait for ages.

Read it here:
erlendhg wrote:
I read an article on a online Norwegian Technology "Newspaper".
Window Vista Service Pack 1 has now been released on English and a few other languages (hasn't it?)

Indeed, ages ago (speaking in cyber-age time). It was released on 18th March.

The knowledge base ID is KB936330 (google search for that term should get you what you're looking for - download, release notes etc)

Download for 32-bit -

Download for 64-bit -
I installed Sp1 2 weeks ago, and... Not as much as I expected. More RAM used (still building Super Fetch?), stability is OK (without SP1 Vista was stable too). Better performance? I didn't noticed... How about U guys? Any difference after installing it?
Yes, for me Vista's stability and performance is much better after installing SP1.

I am supplied with a laptop with Vista from school, and it is the worst thing that has ever happend to me (speaking about pc stuff of course.) Without defragmenting, I couldn't even have turned off my computer.

Well, to me, everything seems quicker and more stabile than before. Even minimizing windows and showing the desktop goes faster now.

I have also read that you really can't expect SP1 to "fix" everything at once, but that it sort of fixes and improves stuff "on the go" - that it uses some time to heal your computer and get familiar with how you use the OS or something like that.
Hm... i'm using Vista on my laptop (2 GB ram and 1.84 Mhz Celeron 64 bit) and is seems stable. Because i've installed Vista a few weeks ago... Service pack 1 was available so i didn't have the chance to test vista without it. But now... i think vista is not great but a minor upgrade from windows XP. I'm an advanced user (i think so) and i've tried and used many Linux distro and the FreeBSD SO; these operating sistems already had many of the features Vista has and they are considered a big hit Neutral.

To use all your ram to boost your PC performance? Hm... this is an old concept build in many of the UNIX based systems Razz. To announce the user every time something happens.... this is not new either (for me this is annoying).

Anyway... these are considered news by windows users. I'm using it because i work with some programs only available for windows... but if you have the chance please don't pay for Vista. I didn't. I have a free license from my office...
Wait, wait, wait...Service Pack 1 uses more ram?!? Good lord, my laptop has a gig of ram that came with it, and it is already pretty damn slow. I was hoping that Service Pack 1 would make it more efficient. I know that I need to upgrade my ram, but seriously....Vista idles using 60% of my ram. UGH!
Vista Hater= Me.
Used it for about 3 months, couldn't stand it anymore. Went back to the more robust XP.
I dont use Vista becouse it is WinXP with some nice graphics and some extra feutures what could be added in a Service Pack if Msoft would be a nice company without the need to generate billions of dollars...

Maybe in about 2 service packs, if i can get hand on Vista, i try again(RC1 was my first try). But at this point i still dont see the need to go from fast(er then vista) and (more) robust(then vista) XP to rusty slow Vista.
Yes, I must agree. Vista hasn't been a great relief for me either.
The only thing about Vista, is that Microsoft has taken away every sort of "back-compatibility" to make it much secure. Many people are angry because of this, but indeed, Vista has become secure.

A few days ago, Microsoft also released the official version of Serice Pack 1 in Norwegain. I guess that would mean it has been released for the rest of the languages that it hadn't already been released to.
I've been using the pack for about a month now and it is more stable. I was getting regular crashes of various applications, ow I get much less. It'll be nice when they come out with an sp2 to get ridof all the remaining crashes Smile Over all I think I'm finally get used to vista, but when I go back to work and work on my XP machine it is very comfortable I must admit. Similar XP is now coming out with a SP3.
i don't have much problem with vista except it chews up a lot of memory and cpu. it is a bad operating system in my point of view and i still prefer xp than vista. but i am switching over to linux which is free of charge and very stabale.
I thought the SP1 for Vista was due to be released within the first quarter of 2008
This implies it should have been released before 31 March ?
Has it been released already ?
mOrpheuS wrote:
erlendhg wrote:
I read an article on a online Norwegian Technology "Newspaper".
Window Vista Service Pack 1 has now been released on English and a few other languages (hasn't it?)

Indeed, ages ago (speaking in cyber-age time). It was released on 18th March.

Yes, as mOrpheuS said, it was released on 18th March.
That was, however, not in all languages.

As I have already written, Vista SP1 came in "all languages" in late April.
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